Moonlit Sunday

WATCH OUT FOR THE SUPERMOON: The biggest and brightest full Moon of 2017 is coming this weekend, on Sunday night, Dec. 3rd. It’s a perigee “supermoon,” almost 8% wider and 16% brighter than an average full Moon. This morning, Dec. 2nd, Masa Nakamura photographed the waxing orb over Otawara,Tochigi, Japan:

Full moons vary in size because the Moon’s orbit is not a circle, it’s an ellipse: diagram. One side of the Moon’s orbit, called “perigee,” is 50,000 km closer to Earth than the other side, “apogee.” This Sunday’s Moon becomes full only 16 hours away from perigee, closer than any other full Moon of 2017.

Some people say you can’t tell the difference between a supermoon and a regular Moon. A 16% difference in brightness can easily be masked by clouds or the glare of urban lights. Also, there are no rulers floating in the sky to measure lunar diameters. Hanging high overhead with no reference points to provide a sense of scale, one full Moon looks much like any other. There is no doubt, however, that supermoons are genuinely bigger than their ordinary cousins.

To get the most out of Sunday’s apparition, try to catch the Moon just as it is rising or setting. This will activate the Moon Illusion and make the perigee Moon of Dec. 3rd look super, indeed.


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15 Responses to Moonlit Sunday

  1. Den says:

    I am in the belief that every day between T-day and C-day is considered ‘Holidays’.

    Just added fresh squeezed Pomegranite juice to my Jameson shot, an amazing ruby red color and unusual but great holiday taste! CHEERS!


  2. Carol ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ says:

    Met some people at a Mexican place up in Okemos. They wanted Jill and I to go there with them because they claim they have the best Margaritas. Mostly because Phil taught the place over the years to add extra booze. Well, the drink was good and we only needed one. I’d rather have a smaller, weaker drink so I could have two. A second fresh Margarita makes Margarita day perfect.

    The food sucked, Jill and I hated it. If we go out with those people again, better find a different restaurant.

    I’m glad I left my second cup of coffee on the sink. Zapped it 30 seconds and mmm, it was perfect.

    Going to watch a movie shortly, lol. Until the booze and food settles.


  3. Den says:

    Sitting here, sipping red Jamie, Nat King Cole music on the TeeVee, tree lit up, Ahh life is good right now.


  4. Den says:

    Oh I forgot to mention my new roomie, his name is Spot, he is very small,3-4mm, he is a Ladybug (Misnomer) I gave him his own place by the toaster oven, supplied it with water, honey, and a smidge of a Craisin (dried cranberry). He sleeps like a teenager for hours, then gets up, grabs a bite and wanders around chomping on toaster crumbs, the goes back to sleep. It is way too cold to send him outside since the Aphids, they’re favorite food, have disappeared.

    I think I feed him too well, he doesn’t fly anymore, just walks everywhere.

    My camera is shot, 😦


  5. David B. Benson says:

    Almost freezing cold except for the wooden bridge past Pufferbilly Depot. That was icy. A typical 23 minutes to the Old Post Office. Unfortunately it is cloudy so no sight of the perigean full moon.


  6. Den says:

    Look away children!


  7. Micki says:

    And people votes for these a**holes???!!!!

    In an interview with the Des Moines Register, Senator Grassley said that people who “invest” are more deserving of tax cuts because they don’t waste their money on frivolities:

    “I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing,” Grassley said, “as opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies.”


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