Fogbow Sunday


LUNAR FOGBOW VS. NORTHERN LIGHTS: Deep inside the Arctic Circle, aurora tour guide Tim Nordström of Abisko, Sweden, routinely sees green curtains hanging down from the sky. On Dec. 28th, he saw something different: a pale arc reaching out of the ground:

“It was amazing,” says Nordström. “We were hiking through a frost-covered forest. The air was cold (-25 C) and crisp. At first the fog was thick above us, but after a while it started to thin out so we could see the green auroras overhead. A bright shaft of moonlight lanced through the fog –and that’s when we saw the fogbow.”

Fogbows are cousins of rainbows and they are formed in essentially the same way: light bounces in and out of water droplets to produce a luminous arc. In this case, the droplets were supercooled (to remain liquid in the freezing air) and much smaller than typical raindrops. Tiny droplets cause a diffraction effect not seen in ordinary rainbows; as a result, the colors are smeared together resulting in a nearly-white arc.


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10 Responses to Fogbow Sunday

  1. David B. Benson says:



  2. Den says:

    One last day of the worst miserable year in a long time, stress, stress, stress, beer consumption up 50% compared to ’16. Started with a trip to the ER, daily rich boy blather and ended with dead friends, ugly year indeed.

    I try to remain positive about 2018 but fear SOSDY (Same Old Shit Different Year)

    I’m hoping we can rid the Congress of the lunatics, get rid of rich boy and move on, beer prices are going up.


  3. Den says:

    The freighter St. Clair arrives in Duluth on Sunday morning, with the temperature about 20 below zero.


  4. Den says:

    Don’t forget to write 2018 on your checks tomorrow. CHEERS!!


  5. Tim Hodges says:

    Cool sight. Too bad I will never see it. Wouldn’t catch me out in -25 degrees anywhere.


    • Den says:

      Actually it was rather common when I lived there years back, being -20 for weeks and dropping to -30 for a few days, then back to -20. The snow would squeak when you walked on it, It’s not just a car, it’s a life-support system on wheels.


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