Starman Sunday


STARMAN, 1 MILLION KILOMETERS AWAY: On Feb. 10, 2018, Enrico Pettarin of Farra dIsonzo, Italy, photographed Elon Musk’s cherry red Tesla Roadster more than 1 million km from Earth “It was very faint,” says Pettarin, “shining in reflected sunlight like a 17th magnitude star, but I was able to photograph it using my 0.4-meter telescope.”

Launched on Feb. 6, 2018, by a Falcon Heavy Rocket at Cape Canaveral, the Roadster is traveling around the sun on an elliptical orbit that will take it beyond the orbit of Mars. Every day it is getting farther from Earth.

Other amateur astronomers around the world have also been photographing the distant electric car, piloted by a space-suited mannequin named “Starman.” At the moment, Pettarin holds the distance record. But stay tuned, because records are meant to be broken!


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  1. Micki says:

    Our local daily, The Bellingham Herald, is a McClatchy newspaper. McClatchy is a pretty decent publisher IMO, but their B’ham paper is not a shining example. However, the Heraldis currently offering readers a series of fictionalized articles, “imagining the Big One” which imagines different scenarios following a major earthquake, incorporating safety tips, etc.

    This is an adjunct story today:


  2. Den says:

    The BIG ONE is not too far away, the Pacific plate is shifting with 5.0+ quakes around it except the west coast of Canada and Baja. While the Bay area shifts little by little both ends of the SA fault remain tight with no movement setting up for a real sudden shift that could undermine the integrity of the entire fault from AK to Mexico. That would be a disaster of Biblical proportions, not a matter of if but rather when. QUAKE MAP


    • David B. Benson says:

      Well, I beg to differ. There is the southern San Andreas, the intermediate transverse zone from the Hollywood Hills up past Santa Barbara, the northern San Andreas past that up. Cape Mendocino and after that the Cascadia Subduction Zone extending to the northern end of Vancouver Island. After that I don’t know the names.

      Each of the parts named moves independently of the others. By some estimates the southern San Andreas is overdue for a major movement and the Cascadia Subduction Zone is within the “most likely” 200 years for the next major earthquake. Sooner means that it won’t be as major a movement compares to waiting to build more stress.

      Rock is sufficiently elastic and compressible that earth movements on other parts of the so-called ring of fire have no effects for the USA.


  3. Micki says:

    Den, can you explain this and what might I do to mitigate: the sun has been shining brilliantly here the last few days…when the sunbeams are aimed at my garage door, the door will open but won’t close unless I fiddle around standing here and theire to block those little electronic gizmos at each side of the door, close to the ground.

    It’s not a huge deal because I can easily get my arse out of the car and fiddle around, but it’s a tad annoying!

    Thanks, Guru of the Fix Anything World!!!!


    • Den says:

      Yup It’s those fiddly things at the base of the door that are for safety so kids don’t get squashed. Make sure both sides lenses are clean and free of dirt, spiderwebs. Next make sure they point directly at each other, there are LED’s that come on when the things are looking directly at each other, make sure they look visually level first,use a small level if you have one, center the beams between them by loosening the transmitter side, that one has a light in the lens the other is just a receiver, slightly move it up and down(they have a swivel mount), then side to side while watching the LED light and try to center it as best as possible making sure the LED stays on, once the beam is centered tighten the nut down and it should work, use a garden knee pad on the floor for your knees. I think the aim between the two was off allowing the sun to be a greater influence on the beam receiver side stopping the door from closing.


      • Den says:

        I am assuming the wiring to and from the little sensors is good.


        • Micki says:

          I’m pretty certain the wiring is good.

          Thank you so much for this advice…I returned home after dark, so if it’s sunny again tomorrow, I can test out your recommends! I have confidence, it’ll work like a charm!

          The garden knee pad ……first thought was, I know all about the perils of kneeling, I was raised Catholic. Haha! 😉


  4. Den says:

    6.0 east 150k from Guam, rattle rattle.


  5. David B. Benson says:

    Up to the TVD bridge and then back south to the Old Post Office in but 59 minutes. Old tree had a flock of 8 small birds; grain elevator 4 pigeons.


    • §º¿º§ Carol says:

      I’m so happy I found that cute map of Pullman that I put in your card. I studied it a lot, looking for the places you mention all the time. Now that I’ve done that I kind of know where you’ve been. The old Post Office is on that map.


    • David B. Benson says:

      Estimate 85 minutes today; didn’t set the stopwatch properly for the return.


  6. §º¿º§ Carol says:

    Oilers. They are black sunflower seeds. Black oilers as opposed to the ones we eat that are white and gray striped and big. I think all the birds out there will eat oilers, and there is plenty of nutrition and fat in them for my feathered friends.

    We got more snow last night, another couple inches or more. I shoveled and it was hard work this time, snow was wet and heavy, could push it until it built up in front of the shovel then I had to heft it up and toss. Got the old ticker pounding. Rested a lot, even went in the garage and sat on a bar stool for a bit.

    When I was done I got the SUV out and as soon as the back wheels rolled off the shuffleboard court and hit the drive I knew it was not going to work. Sure enough. It was all I could do to not get stuck and get my baby back in the garage. That was a close call. So, officially snowed in.

    Jill’s Brian saved me. He hauled their quad over and plowed everything for me, including the trail to the bird and suet feeders. That delayed him leaving for Indiana where he works these days.

    Looks like we have 10 inches of snow. Ugh. Everyone tells me more is on its way, maybe 5 more inches.


  7. §º¿º§ Carol says:

    When we got back from lunch yesterday, Pete looked at my toilet to see what might be wrong with it. The thing is only a couple years old, what could possible be wrong. For the past several months, before Christmas, it seemed to be taking too long to refill, causing the well to run longer than necessary. Then recently when I walked into the john the thing would start to put water in the tank. Just a tad, but the vibration of me walking in there caused it.

    Pete looked inside, studied it for a bit, saw something at the top that looked like something to adjust, he did that and the toilet has been behaving ever since. There was a time when Bob would have been the guy to fix it. Now I have to hope Pete, or even Brian can help me. I hate asking them to help with ANYthing, I was thinking about buying a new toilet and hiring a plumber, but that seemed too ridiculous. Carol, just ask Pete to look at it. I did and he always seems to love being able to do something for me, for us.

    And my favorite LED flashlight wouldn’t turn on after I charged the battery. Carol messing around with it accidentally pulled the guts and spring (breaking the solder puddle) from the cap where the negative part of the battery rests. *sigh* Went out googling flashlights.

    Pete sat down at the kitchen table, studied the problem, asked me if I still had the soldering gun, of course. Got it from the basement for him and not long after my flashlight is back to working normally. THANK goodness, mostly thanks to my Pete.

    Last week I sat down on a kitchen chair and a wheel broke off. Dragged the chair to the LR turned is on it’s side and left it by the front door, out of my way. Pete studied the problem, did some googling on his phone, knows exactly what I need and next time he’s near a Lowe’s he’ll go in and get me a four pack of wheels. I know a couple wheels on the other chairs are getting iffy.

    Pete is invaluable!!!


  8. Den says:

    From the first DWF created on a Yahoo Blog July 5, 2005:

    Den says:
    Even as the water flows beautifull and serene, the roar of it drowns out all other sound.
    So it is with 4th of July fireworks too, celebrating the independence our forefathers claimed
    so many years ago, we are startled by the combustion and beauty of the display.
    The founders of this nation set into motion a nation strong and mighty both in the diverse
    nature of its people and the land on which we reside. We as the caretakers and guardians
    must protect our land from those who would claim it as theirs alone, disregarding
    the people who fought to save it for all. We are all guardians of the earth and this land we call
    our land, peace, freedom and diversity are the standards we must live by.
    We must take care of that which the founders of this country fought to establish for us all.

    That blog lasted until July 8, stopped and eventually picked up on Blogger, shortly after it turned out to be a booger that got flicked and now resides in the backwaters of WordPress where no one can find it ;).


  9. Den says:

    Shoulda brought help:


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