Solar Sunday


THE SUNSPOT IS LEAVING: Sunspot AR2699, which hurled a CME toward Earth and sparked bright polar auroras on Feb. 15th, is about to vanish. The active region is rotating off the face of the sun this weekend. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory is monitoring the sunspot’s magnetic canopy now seen in profile over the sun’s western limb:

A sunspot’s magnetic canopy is where solar flares happen. Magnetic lines of force criss, cross, and explode in a process known as “magnetic reconnection.” Got a backard solar telescope? Keep an eye on the sun’s western limb. With its canopy in full view, AR2699 might fire a parting shot worth photographing.


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14 Responses to Solar Sunday

  1. Micki says:

    Woke up to over 2 inches of snow…nor it’s swirling and dancing in the gusty wind, with mostly clear skies. But, it’s C-O-L-D out there!

    Wind Advisory
    Issued: 3:57 AM PST Feb. 18, 2018 – National Weather Service

    … Wind Advisory now in effect for western Whatcom and western
    Skagit counties until 10 PM PST this evening…

    * wind… increasing from the north at 20 to 35 mph with local
    gusts to 55 mph this morning.

    * Some affected locations… Lynden, Ferndale, Bellingham, Lummi
    Island, and Anacortes.

    * Timing… winds will peak this afternoon before gradually

    * Impacts… winds this strong can topple small trees, snap tree
    branches, and cause local power outages. The strong winds along
    with temperatures near or slightly above freezing today will
    make it feel as though temperatures are in the teens and lower


  2. David B. Benson says:

    A skeen of new snow, not melting.


  3. §º¿º§ Carol says:

    Melting is stalled here, but there is a lot of snow gone. Driveway is totally clear, not even any mud. Had a couple flurries last night but nothing that stayed around.

    Lots of sun today.

    Been Carolizing the file drawer in my desk. Got Bob’s file drawer in his desk a few weeks ago, but it is always a work in progress.

    I’m finally up to date labeling and filing my photos on my XP. I also got my new Seagate external drive in the mail this past week and yesterday I used it and backed up all my important photos and videos and MY DOCUMENTS from my XP computer.

    The Seagate is 1,000 TB and a little smaller than Pete and JIll’s smartphones. Only one cord, the USB. It doesn’t need to be plugged into a power source. The march of technology. My other external is an older model, have to plug it in.

    It worked like a dream. Worked with my 2.0 USB port, didn’t mind Windows XP and didn’t try to do anything on it’s own. It was a simply drag and drop. I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy another one before the model disappears and I have to go on the hunt again. They just might make them so they don’t like XP, or want to take over my computer by automatically backing-up stuff I don’t want backed up..


  4. David B. Benson says:

    Took a detour through a parking lot so it took 28 chilled minutes to the Old Post Office.


    • David B. Benson says:

      Just 19 °F according to the bank’s display; I hurried home for a daily total of 52 minutes.

      The Old Post Office houses the Paradise Creek Brewery, a sorta sports bar. Anyway the telly was showing the figure skating pairs from the Olympics. It struck me these sets were as good as ballet and that I didn’t see anything sport like about the event. Enjoyed watching as the duos were very good.


  5. Den says:



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