Wowzers Sunday

A CRACK IN EARTH’S MAGNETIC FIELD: This morning, during the early hours of March 10th, a crack opened in Earth’s magnetic field. Solar wind poured in and “the sky exploded with auroras,” reports Kristin Berg who sends this picture from Tromsø, Norway:

“The air temperature was 10 degrees F below zero,” she says, “but the cold was a small price to pay to see a magnificent display like this.”

The “crack” was pried opened by the solar wind itself. Magnetic fields in the solar wind interacted with Earth’s magnetic field, partially cancelling our planet’s defenses against the oncoming gas. In the jargon of space weather forecasters, “B sub z tipped south.”

NASA and European spacecraft have been detecting these cracks for years. Some are as large as California, and sometimes they grow wider than the whole planet. They tend to form most often during weeks around equinoxes–a seasonal phenomenon known as the “Russell-McPherron effect,” named after the researchers who first studied and explained it.


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20 Responses to Wowzers Sunday

  1. Den says:

    Is it gravity or static cling that keeps us here?


  2. Micki says:

    Another beauty PNW day…worked in the yard, rode my trusty Brompton, washed my car, and about to hop on my bike for a 2nd ride – because it’s still BRIGHT and sunny!!

    Cheers to all!


  3. David B. Benson says:

    Completely clear again for the stick walk up to the TVD bridge and back to the Old Post Office , all taking 65 minutes. A magpie, some roosting pigeons, a murder of crows flying in loose formation. Two families with small children. An older andongynous character on a bicycle; only appears in good weather.


  4. Micki says:

    I’m out on my bike ride but currently sitting on a bench gazing at Lummi, Orcas, Portage, Elizabeth Islands.

    I feel lucky 🍀 to live here.


  5. Micki says:



  6. Den says:

    Don’t 🐞 me! LOL!


  7. Den says:

    Bad pants man:


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