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When the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities were revealed in millions of processors earlier this year, those deep-seated vulnerabilities rattled practically the entire computer industry. Now a group of Israeli researchers is outlining a new set of chip-focused vulnerabilities that, if confirmed, would represent another collection of flaws at the core of computer hardware, this time in a processor architecture designed by AMD. But the researchers now also face their own questions: about the hype they’re piling onto those revelations, the timing of their disclosure to AMD, and even their financial motivations for their work.

On Tuesday morning, hardware security firm CTS Labs published a paper and website pointing to four new classes of attack that the company says are possible against AMD chips in both PCs and servers. Together, they seem to offer an array of new methods for hackers who have already gained significant access to a computer running AMD’s “Zen” processor architecture. At their worst, the vulnerabilities as described would allow attackers to bypass security safeguards against tampering with the computer’s operating system, and potentially plant malware that evades practically any attempts to detect or delete it on AMD chips.

“We believe that these vulnerabilities put networks that contain AMD computers at a considerable risk,” reads a paper published by the CTS researchers. “Several of them open the door to malware that may survive computer reboots and reinstallations of the operating system, while remaining virtually undetectable by most endpoint security solutions. This can allow attackers to bury themselves deep within the computer system and to potentially engage in persistent, virtually undetectable espionage.”


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19 Responses to Back Door Wednesday

  1. Micki says:

    Great…this is all we need!

    Trump Accelerating Aerospace Goal Targeting China and Russia

    CNBC reports: “Trump floats the idea of creating a ‘Space Force’ to fight wars in space.” Said Trump: “Space is a war-fighting domain, just like the land, air, and sea.”

    “The aerospace industry sees an opportunity to expand their profit capability by the creation of a new ‘Space Force’ that would direct the expanding U.S. war-making program in space. The industry has been pushing Congress to authorize this new separate service while the leadership of the Air Force have opposed the plan claiming that it would increase inefficiency and bureaucracy. In the recent NDAA [National Defense Authorization Act] it was mandated that the Air Force increase their focus on space and make it a higher priority….

    …The growing power of the aerospace industry inside Washington indicates that their demand for a separate service to control the Pentagon’s space operations is bearing some fruit. This concession by the Air Force is one step closer to expanding military space activities — all of which will give massive profits to the aerospace industry.

    …the aerospace industry has found a strong ally in the White House and the pressure on the Senate to approve the plan will now increase dramatically.

    … the U.S. pulled out of the ABM Treaty in 2002, and since then has been deploying so-called ‘missile defense’ systems on land and at sea, beginning an encirclement of China and Russia with these technologies that are key elements in Pentagon first-strike attack planning. As a result, China and Russia have maintained for years that they cannot afford to reduce their nuclear retaliatory capabilities, thus killing any hopes for further nuclear disarmament agreements….


  2. Micki says:

    The haves and the have nots…even in Alaska.

    I don’t say this out of envy or want, but it’s unseemly to me that a “chalet” such as this can be built within one of our grandest National Parks on “homesteaded” land.

    Rooms start at $2,300 per person, per night, based on double occupancy — with a 2-night minimum, but three nights recommended because of unpredictable weather.


  3. Micki says:


    How is this going to be a good thing?

    Mike Pompeo is an aggressive partisan. He’s jarringly hawkish.

    He allegedly has a “close” relationship with Trump. No counterbalance to the president’s spontaneous reactions!!!

    From C.I.A. director to chief diplomat?

    Elected to Congress in the Tea Party wave.

    Wants to roll back the Iran nuclear deal.

    Thinks Edward Snowden should be given the death penalty.

    Some people think he’s unwilling to “stand up” to the president. Won’t speak hard truths to Trump.

    Wants to “crush the enemy” in Afghanistan. (good luck with that)

    Wanted to hire chaplains for the C.I.A. — because of his interest in combating the “culture wars.”

    He has condemned Muslims broadly, saying Muslims should have done more to denounce the Boston Marathon bombing…otherwise, “they could appear to be complicit.”

    Pompeo is a long-time recipient of Koch Brothers’ money.

    The most conservative Secretary of State in our nation’s history?


  4. David B. Benson says:

    Long front page obit for Stephen Hawking in today’s TNYT.


  5. Den says:

    Stephen Hawking’s birthday (January 8, 1942) is the 300th anniversary of the death of astronomer and physicist Galileo Galilei. He died on Einsteins birthday. Far out!


  6. David B. Benson says:

    Took 44 whole minutes around counterclockwise to the Tokyo Seoul. The river was up after last night’s rain; the lonely drake was there, eating duck food.


    • David B. Benson says:

      Spicy sea food udon is warming me. Cold all day until now.


    • David B. Benson says:

      Then 9 minutes up to Sloan Hall to read the back email, including several more death notices and obits.

      Home again makes 70 minutes for today.

      Day 4: 239+70=309 minutes.


  7. Den says:

    PBS Newshour did nice bit on Stephen too.


  8. Den says:

    Quantum Doughnut Theory:


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