Lawyer-slime Saturday


Once again, the Michael-Cohen-in-Prague allegation is back in the news, and I found a small piece of evidence pertaining to this mystery.

The story began with the Steele memos—those reports filled with allegations (salacious and non-salacious) about contacts between Russians and Donald Trump and a yearslong Moscow effort to cultivate and co-opt Trump. In the October 19, 2016, report Christopher Steele sent to Fusion GPS, the corporate research firm that had retained him for a Democratic-funded project, the former British counterintelligence official, wrote:

Kremlin insider highlighted the importance of Republican presidential candidate Donald TRUMP’s lawyer, Michael COHEN, in the ongoing secret liaison relationship between the New York tycoon’s campaign and the Russian leadership. COHEN’s role had grown following the departure of Paul MANAFORT as TRUMP’s campaign manager in August 2016.

This report claimed that Cohen, Trump’s well-known fixer, had secretly met with Russian officials in an EU country that August. The next day, Steele sent Fusion GPS a new memo noting this Kremlin insider source had said the supposed Cohen meeting had taken place in Prague.

David Corn @ MotherJones

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11 Responses to Lawyer-slime Saturday

  1. Micki says:

    Today is John Muir’s 180th birthday.

    Thank you, John!


  2. Den says:

    Teflon Don and his loyal servant have memory issues.

    Does that surprise anyone?

    Mighty darn convenient I’d say.


  3. °¿º Carol says:

    My furnace filter is pleated. As for the other suggestions you gave me, Den, not going to happen. I never studied furnace and A/C maintenance and repair. The most I’m qualified for is changing filters.

    Furnace has hardly been on the past couple days because the sun has been out, heating up the house. I think the highest temp we’ve had has been 53°.

    However, no wind today. I just came in from banging and sweeping the mats on the back deck, sweeping the deck and I dragged out the 5 chairs from the garage and hauled them to the deck. BOY, am I in bad shape. Sitting around since October 13 has really done a number on me. I’ve been making sure I do things on my feet for 3 days now. Do something outside, do something in the house. I’ve even gone out at 8:00 to listen to and watch the robins as they sing and go to bed in the arborvitae boarding house. I’ll sit some, then walk around the house, go up on the pool deck, stand as long as I can then sit a tad more. I had a beer on one of the evenings. Way out of practice on beer, lol. I haven’t even had to buy any since last October.

    I raked some of the leaves away from the side of the back deck. Now I have to stand in the kitchen for awhile, get my salads made then eat something. Haven’t ate yet, which is good. Think I’ll pour a glass of wine to get a buzz on while I’m making the salads. I have a good audio book going.


  4. °¿º Carol says:

    I have Ghostery but still see the ads here.


    • David B. Benson says:

      Me too.


      • jim hitchcock says:

        I neglected to mention yesterday that all the ads were WordPress WordAds come ons.


        • Den says:

          Open Ghosery and see if anything is NOT being blocked and block it, reload and see what happens, might also restrict site. I hate ads, especially the BIG PHARMA mini-dramas where everyone moves slow like it’s a side effect or something,

          WARNING! Might cause slowness, do not drive or operate small kitchen appliances.


  5. David B. Benson says:

    Clear day for the 24 minute stick walk to the Old Post Office.


    • David B. Benson says:

      Then back to Stadium Way and up Hall Drive, onward to Pullman High School for the Washington Idaho Symphony concert; 74 minutes.

      Met Claire there so again we sat together and I learned that Alice is receiving a top 10 senior award. So at the intermission went up on the stage to congratulate her for that and admission to the University of Indiana in the fall. Told her I admired her determination and persistence.

      After the concert went on the stage again to say goodbye to Kirill, who will be returning westside after graduation. Then introduced myself to the harpist, Earecka Tregenza, to discuss harp matters.

      Eventually quickly home brought the daily total to 93 minutes.

      Day 7: 383+93=476 minutes without trying.


  6. Den says:

    I walked with a stick, to the rat traps under the house where one was devoid of bait on the paddle, it remained set, one rats lucky day.


  7. Den says:

    Maximum Minion on the move:


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