Tumbleweed Terror Tuesday


They struck Victorville with little warning, rolling and tumbling up streets, barrelling past cars, virtually burying homes and prompting calls to 911 about a mass invasion.

No, not Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, but the tumbleweeds that took over the California desert town this week did evoke the 1978 film and cult horror pastiche.

Heavy winds sent thousands of tumbleweeds into Victorville on Monday in what some residents called an invasion, with the prickly intruders blanketing yards and piling up outside homes.


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15 Responses to Tumbleweed Terror Tuesday

  1. °¿º Carol says:

    Good afternoon. Cloudy today but around 54°. Been working outside a little at a time, haven’t needed a sweatshirt. When you’re using energy you don’t need a coat, lol.

    Sunday Pete’s stopped by to charge my tractor battery, the machine wouldn’t start, dead. We forgot last fall to disconnect the battery cables for the winter. I ran is around but when I turned it off, dead. Guess I need a new battery. I’m going out to eat w/ Pete tomorrow for his birthday. I’ll find out when he can pick a battery up for me and put it in. I need the tractor right now. Mostly for sitting on, lol.

    Yeah, I find I have to sit after raking, the muscles in my lower back give out. Geez. It’s a long way back to the house to find a place to sit.


  2. °¿º Carol says:

    Sunday night my right leg started to hurt, right above the knee. Every time I needed to move during the night it woke me up. When I got up in the morning I almost couldn’t walk. Good thing the house is small, plenty of places to hang onto.

    I know what caused that. Getting up on my tractor. I used my right leg on the running board to lift myself onto the seat. Today I’m back to total normal and actually was outside a bit ago, raking out the two hosts beds around the garage. Did a little raking in the back by the “secret room,” under the Spireas, too.

    I had to meet my daughter-in-law, Sara, at Meijer’s yesterday at 3:20. I was scared I wouldn’t be able to walk! I wanted to go in the store and buy the ham for Pete’s party Saturday so I wouldn’t have to drive back to Meijers later in the week. By that time I could walk a LOT better than when I got up, and as I said, I’m back to normal today.


  3. °¿º Carol says:

    Tomorrow, April 25th, my Pete will turn 50. Holy mackerel~! He was due April 26th. I was in labor for 15 hours, it was horrible. Dr. Mauch had to use forceps to pull Pete out of me. Pete had two bloody sores on each side of his head from the tool. I bet today I would have had a C-section. My doctor could have done that but he chose not to.

    When I was pregnant with Jill I took LaMaze classes. No way I wanted to suffer like I did the first time. I did the LaMaze method but still had a 7 hour labor, which didn’t seem as bad. Oh, hell YEAH it was bad…giving birth hurts not matter what you do, lol. But I practiced my breathing, my effleurage and handled it well enough when the moaning woman in the next bed asked me what I was doing to help myself, and could I tell her what to do. Ha! I tried to give her advice, but then she would get a labor pain and staring crying out. She had no time to listen to me. Besides, you go to the classes and you practice at home for weeks, the effleurage, the breathing, etc. Practice, practice, practice.


  4. jim hitchcock says:



  5. Den says:



  6. Den says:

    I have no idea where Jims’ posts went, I deleted the makeup ones and this one showed approved in my menu, nowhere on the page however, so reposted the video anyway, what a freakshow.


  7. David B. Benson says:

    Took 23 minutes to stick walk to downtown for a Waddell & Reed get together and now next door at the Black Cypress for dinner. Lovely out.


  8. Den says:

    Still warm here, windows open, finished the crown molding job finally, looks more finished. LR curtains needed and bedroom curtain rod, then clean the place, morons before me put foot square ceramic tile over vinyl flooring, no solid base, grout is cracking and dirty, knee work, ugh.


  9. Den says:

    Can anyone tell me what it is?

    Is there an animal observationist in the house?


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