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Whack Job Thursday

Arkady Babchenko, a prominent Russian journalist, author, and a longtime Putin detractor who fled Russia in February 2017, was fatally shot outside his apartment on Tuesday in Kiev, Ukraine. The wounded Babchenko was found by his wife and died in … Continue reading

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Crook Walk Wednesday

Just before he got his dream job as Donald Trump’s right-hand man, Michael Cohen was quoted in a 2007 tabloid news story hyping a Trump condo development in New Jersey. “Trump properties are solid investments,” said Cohen, who by then … Continue reading

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Bookie Dilemma Tuesday

A recent Supreme Court ruling that legalized sports gambling in the United States is about to unleash a stampede of established and upstart enterprises angling for your wager — from racetracks to casinos to apps on your mobile phone. So … Continue reading

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Decoration Day Monday

John H. Anderson Jr. had just turned 20 years old when he arrived in Vietnam on the last day of April in 1968. Like so many of the 500,000 Americans who served in Vietnam in 1968, he’d been drafted. The … Continue reading

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Another Spritely Sunday

JELLYFISH SPRITES OVER OKLAHOMA: On May 24th, a swarm of luminous jellyfish appeared over Oklahoma. “A swarm of jellyfish sprites, that is,” says Paul Smith, who photographed them rising above an intense thunderstorm near Oklahoma City: “The sprites were about 80 miles away … Continue reading

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Slippery Slope Saturday

A Democratic senator is calling for an investigation into whether Donald Trump Jr. lied when he told the Senate Judiciary Committee that aside from Russia, he knew of no other foreign government or foreign nationals who offered to assist the … Continue reading

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FRiDaY FunNIes

 Freedom Sticks – Mark Fiore

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