Shine On Saturday

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani speaks at the 2018 Iran Freedom Convention in Washington

Just how I would want my lawyer to look… psycho.

Donald Trump escalated an increasingly cutthroat fight with the justice department on Friday, with a series of tweets accusing federal agents of infiltrating his 2016 presidential campaign “for political purposes” and to “frame” him for crimes he “didn’t commit”.

The president was echoed on television by the former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, his lawyer, who said Trump’s accusations “may turn out to be closer to the truth than people thought”.

“For a long time we’ve been told that there was some kind of infiltration,” Giuliani told CNN. “I don’t know for sure, nor does the president, if there really was one.”

If the accusations seemed strangely backwards-looking, given Trump’s election victory, they dovetailed with an ongoing campaign by congressional Republicans to impugn the special counsel, Robert Mueller, and telegraphed the president’s increasing determination to turn the page on the investigation into Russian election interference and alleged links between Trump aides and Moscow.

Former justice department officials warned that that determination was increasingly reckless. “When you’re out of cover ups to hide your guilt, you attack the legitimacy of the investigation,” tweeted former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance.


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8 Responses to Shine On Saturday

  1. Den says:

    I wonder how long this bunch of clowns can last in their personal circus?


  2. °¿º Carol says:

    Started up the pool, the water looks awful. Have to drive to the pool store on Tuesday. I didn’t stock up last Fall because I’d hoped the pool could be dismantled and set up at Pete’s house. The estimate was $3,100 so since no one can spare that kind of money, it gets to stay here for another year and now I’m out of everything I need to clean up the water.

    Changed the bed, washed clothes, dishes, made more hummingbird water and that was the extent of my day. The rest was spent putzing around the place.


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