Decoration Day Monday

Vietnam War Memorial in DC

End the all the wars today, forever!!

John H. Anderson Jr. had just turned 20 years old when he arrived in Vietnam on the last day of April in 1968. Like so many of the 500,000 Americans who served in Vietnam in 1968, he’d been drafted.

The young soldier, who lived in Wellsville, Pa., arrived in Southeast Asia at a moment of peak violence. The communists had launched a May offensive, also known as mini-Tet. American generals were aggressively pushing a counteroffensive. May 1968 would turn out to be the bloodiest month of the bloodiest year for Americans in Vietnam.

Pfc. Anderson served in the 1st Battalion, 508th Infantry, 82nd Airborne Division, and was soon engulfed in fighting in the northern part of the country, near the ancient imperial capital of Hue. He survived less than four weeks. He was killed in a place named Nui Ke, known as Hill 618.


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14 Responses to Decoration Day Monday

  1. Den says:

    Many unneeded wars, thousands dead yet we persist in killing our fellow humans. The hope that it will all end is a waste of time. Wars have not stopped for thousands of years, the likelihood they will stop anytime soon is folly.

    Humans destroy each other.
    Humans destroy the Earth.
    Humans destroy creatures.
    Humans believe war gives them power.
    Humans will be the only creature on Earth to cause their own extinction.


  2. Micki says:

    Arlington Cemetery, Nearly Full, May Become More Exclusive…


  3. °¿º Carol says:

    I forgot to wish Jim a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Saturday. THEN I was going to do it belatedly yesterday, forgot again. Better late than never though.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JIM! Hope Saturday was a good day for you!


  4. Den says:

    Damn Gemini’s!


  5. David B. Benson says:

    Standard 25 minutes to the Foundry during the saturated pale yellow sunset.


  6. David B. Benson says:



  7. Den says:

    Many have died for the flag that waves today


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