Bookie Dilemma Tuesday


A recent Supreme Court ruling that legalized sports gambling in the United States is about to unleash a stampede of established and upstart enterprises angling for your wager — from racetracks to casinos to apps on your mobile phone.

So how will that affect your local bookie? We asked several around town and the consensus reply was, “Not much.” This story is about why those bookies believe that their profession, today practiced in places ranging from your local bodega to offices off-shore, will weather the coming disruption.

State after state, starting with New Jersey, is likely to pass legislation allowing the kind of sports betting that had previously been limited to Nevada. But bookies say they will continue to offer crucial services to serious gamblers that the legal operations won’t be able to match, such as up-front loans and transactions that leave no official record.


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Always in search of interesting things to post. Armed with knowledge and dangerous with the ladies.
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19 Responses to Bookie Dilemma Tuesday

  1. Den says:

    Carol, got your card today, hanging with the Democraps! LOL!


    • °¿º Carol says:

      You’re welcome. Hope you have a really nice day, Thursday. Well…I wish you a nice day EVERY day, but on your very day, THAT’S the day that should be the best.


  2. jim hitchcock says:

    Back when politicians talked about important stuff:

    “Fart Proudly” (also called “A Letter to a Royal Academy about farting”, and “To the Royal Academy of Farting”) is the popular name of an essay about flatulence written by Benjamin Franklin c. 1781 while he was living abroad as United States Ambassador to France.


  3. David B. Benson says:

    Mrs. Filker is back this year. I forgot what we agreed to name her. Sure flies fast.

    Up just to Larry Street again. Same pair of not-meadowlarks on the same wire. Heard but did not see the meadowlark.

    Then back down the Grand Avenue Greenway past the place where they are finally picking up the railroad ties. Overcast. Just 51 minutes to the Old Post Office.


  4. Den says:

    Too much junk in the trunk…whoops!


  5. °¿º Carol says:

    Decided to use the A/C yesterday, no cool air coming out. Brian opened her up, another mouse nest, chewed wire repaired. Still wouldn’t work, he got his meter to see if the unit was getting power, yes it was. He took a cylinder out, a capacitor, the contacts on the top were fried. He had to go to Howell on a matter and while there picked me up a new one, installed it and voila, the A/C worked.

    And I let it crank on all day and into the late evening. Yesterday was even more hot and humid than the day before. It was god-awful, even I hated it. I miss the days when I loved weather like that.

    This morning, cool, not going to be hot like the past two days. I think I heard rain from Alberto is on it’s way to Michigan.


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