Crook Walk Wednesday


Michael Cohen, a Normal Lawyer Doing Totally Legal Things – by Tom Tomorrow

Just before he got his dream job as Donald Trump’s right-hand man, Michael Cohen was quoted in a 2007 tabloid news story hyping a Trump condo development in New Jersey.

“Trump properties are solid investments,” said Cohen, who by then had bought at least three.

Trump’s decision to hire Cohen has served the president well over the years, particularly for tasks requiring a mix of bluster and discretion – skills Cohen might have picked up in his days as a personal injury lawyer or in the taxi cab business.

But with prosecutors closing in on Cohen, his lifelong investment in Trump is beginning to look shaky. The question now is: will one of the president’s most devoted lieutenants decide, at some point, to cut his losses and cooperate with prosecutors investigating alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia?

On 9 April, FBI agents raided Cohen’s residence, hotel room, office, safety deposit box and electronic devices, seizing evidence of potential crimes described by the government as relating to Cohen’s “business dealings”. An indictment of Cohen is “likely”, a federal judge wrote in a separate case.


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5 Responses to Crook Walk Wednesday

  1. Den says:

    Tales of the Rich and Infamous.


  2. °¿º Carol says:

    The mosquito guy came, two hours later and it’s raining. 😦

    Went to the show w/ Pete today, we saw the new “Avengers” movie. We stopped at his eyeglasses place, stopped at the hardware, stopped at my doctor’s office because Bob got a bill in the mail the other day for $130 from March 18, 2018. Um….Bob? Did you go to the doctor?

    It was a mistake. The person Theresa called said she had hit the wrong button and that was someone else’s bill. That solved the mystery of me getting one of those papers, telling Bob how much he and his insurance had spent thus far this year. There was a $130 charge on that but they denied it. Now I see why.

    Then we had lunch in our old Video Store which is a bar now. 😦


  3. Den says:

    3D creativity:


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