FOur FUnnIe FRidAy


The Guiliani – Trump Tape * Mark Fiore

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12 Responses to FOur FUnnIe FRidAy

  1. Micki says:

    MR. FISH: Bingo! On the Billbama effect.


  2. °¿º Carol says:

    Den says:
    August 2, 2018 at 5:13 PM
    Carol, You need THIS for a measly $300!

    Too much money, and too big. I have 6 knick-knack-sized ones in the living room. Spotted them at The Detroit Zoo a few years back when they had the dinosaur walk and dinosaur souvenir shop. First time I’d ever seen dinosaurs made to look like skeletons. Just had to have them.

    If I had a 9 foot one for outside, I would like it to look real. Mwahahahaha…..!


  3. °¿º Carol says:

    Comic #1 is my favorite. We’re all worn out like political cartoonist.

    I saw some clips of President Lunatic’s “rally” last night. To me, he is sinking deeper every day into madness. Our mad king. Sooooo sick of him!!!


  4. °¿º Carol says:

    I yell every time some pundit says the Dems can’t go too far to the left. THEY HAVE TO GO THAT WAY, DIPSHIT, OR THEY ARE REPUBLICANS!

    We get no changes, nothing improves when the Dems, like Clinton did, start sidling up to the repukes. We need someone on the LEFT, to make waves! To try to give we citizens the things we need.


  5. °¿º Carol says:

    It’s beautiful out. Didn’t use A/C today, it’s hotter in the house than it is outside.

    Pete and two train-geek friends had to borrow my SUV to drive to Pennsylvania to a train show. All the stuff one of them had to take couldn’t be stuffed in one of their cars.

    They arrived in Altoona, PA around 9:30 p.m. I just walked out in the garage and interior lights are on in one of Pete’s friend’s cars. Good thing we’re connected by text.

    Just got dinged on what to do. SEE Ya!


  6. Micki says:

    Obama sold out too…ACA, drones, Keystone (what a bunch of BS that it was “halted” on his watch! the U.S. puked out more fossil fuel production on his watch than other recent presidents! He helped set the stage for more production now!)…hell…Obama sold out black youth…white disadvantaged youth, too. What a charlatan!

    I could go on….but, what’s the use? EVERYONE who fancies themselves as liberals/progressives are obsessed with blathering on about the horrible Republicans (and they are!)…but the Democratic Party power machine reels them right back in, and fucks them in the drive-thru after they vote for them ONCE AGAIN!


    • jim hitchcock says:

      I am not a member of any political party, do not choose to label myself (fancy or otherwise), but I reserve the right to blather about who I choose 😎


      • °¿º Carol says:

        We only have two frickin’ parties that can win an election and I am NOT about to constantly put down, and treat the Democrats as if they’re on the same level as the republicans. They are all we have and I will side with them, hoping that THEY will rise to the occasion.

        I have a local political friend that posts a lot of shit, putting down Democrats and not the republicans…she turned to the Green Party last election and now she seems nuts to me. Her party will NEVER save us.


  7. Den says:

    Embrace Lunacy, don’t fight it:


  8. David B. Benson says:

    Still Friday.


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