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Lying Wilbur Wednesday

Intensifying widespread fears that the recent addition of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court will solidify the judicial body’s power to act as a legal shield for President Donald Trump’s astonishingly corrupt administration, the high court ruled Monday night … Continue reading

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Plastic Turds Tuesday

We are what we eat, and what we eat reveals something about what we are in return. So it shouldn’t be all that surprising that humans are now apparently eating plastic, given what we mostly are is thoughtless enough to … Continue reading

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Creeping Conservatism Monday

Lauren Hills knew that she wanted to be a news broadcaster in the fourth grade, when a veteran television anchor came to speak at her school’s career day. “Any broadcast journalist will tell you something very similar,” Hills said recently, … Continue reading

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Sunny Sunday

A HOLE IN THE SUN’S ATMOSPHERE: An irregular hole in the sun’s atmosphere is turning to face Earth, spewing a ragged stream of solar wind toward our planet. Estimated time of arrival: Oct. 23-24. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory took this false-color UV … Continue reading

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Bugging Out Saturday

Insects around the world are in a crisis, according to a small but growing number of long-term studies showing dramatic declines in invertebrate populations. A new report suggests that the problem is more widespread than scientists realized. Huge numbers of … Continue reading

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FunnEEazz FreyeDAY

  Profit Now, Die Later – Mark Fiore

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PG&E Trampled My Groceries Thursday

With devastating wildfires becoming more frequent in California, power companies have found themselves on the defensive. Their equipment has been singled out as a frequent culprit. Now, to reduce the hazard, they are pulling out a rarely used tool: the … Continue reading

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