Zionist Thug Thursday


Palestinians carry an injured protester during a demonstration at the Gaza-Israel border on May 14, 2018. Israel’s High Court of Justice ruled on Friday that use of live ammunition by Israeli troops during weekly protests at the border was justified. Photo by Ismael Mohamad/UPI

Injuries were reported among Palestinians protesting at the eastern borders of the besieged Gaza Strip, on Friday afternoon.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza confirmed that at least 37 Palestinians were injured with Israeli live ammunition, including six children, nine women and one paramedic woman.

Medical sources told Ma’an that the paramedic, Filastin Qudeih, whose first name means Palestine, was injured with a live bullet in her leg.

Spokesperson of the MOH in Gaza, Ashraf al-Qidra, said that medical crews at the European Hospital in Gaza City were treating a Palestinian, who had arrived to the hospital, with a critical neck injury.

Palestinian crowds had arrived across the eastern borders of the Gaza Strip; tires were set on fire across several areas.

Israeli forces fired live ammunition and tear-gas bombs to suppress protesters.


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9 Responses to Zionist Thug Thursday

  1. Den says:

    As Israel goes, so shall we. Rich boy is already trying to shoot immigrants with impunity.

    Disgusting Dictator behavior.


  2. David B. Benson says:

    Once again 19 minutes to the CUB to fetch my gloves, then on to the optometrist’s office to schedule an eye exam. On the way I found a new part of the sidewalks at the university to trod upon. Anyway, then 5 minutes back to the Birch & Barley makes the running total 53 minutes. It is the total that runs; I just stick walk.


  3. Den says:

    Your first time seeing Gramma naked:


  4. °¿º Carol says:

    David B. Benson says:
    November 14, 2018 at 9:06 PM

    Carol, Paradise is 85 miles from Auburn. Not close to Den.

    I know, that’s what you said the other day but to me, that’s close. That’s like from here to Detroit, which I guess is far, except with uncontrollable fires surging. But maybe a fire doesn’t burn that far, I guess I don’t know.


  5. °¿º Carol says:

    I went to Meijer this afternoon because snow stopped, roads were just wet. On my way home I veered onto Carter Rd from Dexter Trail, thinking how pretty it was out, happily listening to a good audio book, when BAM! My head snapped to the right where I saw the passenger side window explode, an antlered deer by the sideview mirror for a nano second.

    The glass flew everywhere! I was stunned, no window! I stopped the car, put on hazards and got out, looked around, didn’t see the deer, didn’t walk around the car, didn’t realize I has no sideview mirror. I got back into the car and headed home.

    I pulled up to the garage and got out. OH. MY. GOD. Not only was the mirror gone but the passenger door was caved in, as was the backseat door. Looking into the car, glass absolutely EVERYwhere. Even in the driver’s seat. It must have flew to me and dropped to the seat when I got out. I took the groceries into the house and put the car in the garage. I’ll have to dump my purse tomorrow, I had it unzipped on the passenger seat. I felt glass in my bra.

    I called Pete, and yes, I was crying. I’d cried all the way home, I was in shock. I can still see that window explode, the deer’s head, the sound of the window exploding into the car. I have a HUGE respect for safety glass. HUGE.

    Pete came right over, scouring the road where I thought it happened and he found my sideview mirrior in two pieced: on on each side of the road. He also could tell where the deer came from, his two back hooves left marks in the muddy shoulder. He took pictures of the mirrors, the mud and gap in the trees where the deer must have come from. He did the calling for me to my car insurance. I didn’t want to because I was afraid I would start to.

    While he was on the phone, I casually put my finger in my right ear and there was glass in my ear! I got a tiny piece out, the other Dr. Mayor had to use tweezers and a flashlight to pry out. I swear there is still something in there. I may be left with shrapnel in my ear! Geez.

    I have a tiny cut on my left pinky and Pete took a picture of blood on my face and on the GPS screen in the dash. Deer blood, not mine. There is deer fur in the car, on the seat.

    I should have stayed home today after all. 😦 Thousands of dollars in damage, $500 deductible. Insurance woman, who I did end up talking to, said it would not be considered my fault, it was an act of nature. Hope that means my insurance won’t go up because of this act of nature.

    I have pictures but they’re too hard to post here. I did post a few of them on FaceBook though.


  6. °¿º Carol says:

    No Micki for quite a few days. Hope everything is ok in Bellingham. Maybe she’s visiting her daughters.


  7. Den says:

    Geez Carol! I had that happen to me without the broken glass, deer get crazy this time of year, I blugeoned mine on 11-16-2003 with my motorcycle and one hit my work truck back in the 80’s. See the Doctor about the ear glass soon. Close call, glad U R OK!


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