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Censorous China Monday

China stepped up its campaign in 2018 to control what news and information its citizens can see. While censors continued heavyhanded control for any content deemed dangerous for social stability, including Peppa Pig videos and the letter “n”, regulators also … Continue reading

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Stratospheric Sunday

Normally, the stratosphere is free of clouds–completely transparent. It’s very dry up there with a wide separation between molecules of water. When the temperature drops to around -85ºC, however, those sparse molecules begin to reluctantly gather, forming crystals of ice … Continue reading

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Screwed Saturday

What’s the worst that can happen?” I thought when I put my house on Airbnb. While I didn’t have a warm feeling about strangers sleeping in my bed, I was intrigued by the idea. I was recently divorced and I … Continue reading

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FREYeday fuhneez

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Thug Control Thursday

The word complicity comes from the Latin root complicare, meaning to fold or weave together. When scholars talk about the moral complicity of the German people under Adolf Hitler, this Latin root cuts to the heart of the question we … Continue reading

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Witless Wednesday

The Trump administration’s determination to revamp the American immigration system appears to be boundless. From its proposed redefinition of which public benefits immigrants can use without being labeled a “public charge” to its steep reduction in the US’s refugee ceiling … Continue reading

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Ho, Ho, Ho!


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