Censorous China Monday


China stepped up its campaign in 2018 to control what news and information its citizens can see.

While censors continued heavyhanded control for any content deemed dangerous for social stability, including Peppa Pig videos and the letter “n”, regulators also deployed more sophisticated methods, going beyond Chinese social media and working harder to curate and shape what Chinese residents consume.

Authorities have been forcing activists on Twitter to delete their accounts and shutting down the social media accounts of university professors. Apolitical content is coming under more scrutiny. In October, almost 10,000 social media accounts for outlets publishing entertainment and celebrity news were closed.

The country’s largest internet companies have also stepped up self-censorship. The messaging platform WeChat issued a statement in November, promising to step up its policing of “politically harmful information” while in April, the boss of Jinri Toutiao, a content aggregator, issued a public apology more similar to self-criticisms in Mao Zedong’s era.

WeChat groups were regularly shut down and users sending messages to friends often found themselves the victim of censorship when their messages appear not to go through.

“WeChat group takedowns and news item deletions are happening with greater regularity across a shifting slate of topics,” said Rui Zhong, a programme assistant at the Kissinger Institute on China.

These were some of the banned phrases this year:


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26 Responses to Censorous China Monday

  1. Micki says:

    HOPE — keep it alive.


    • Micki says:

      Drafting Emancipation
      While President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, heralded the Union’s new commitment to the abolition of slavery, freedom came in increments. On July 22, 1862, Lincoln presented a proclamation to his Cabinet, calling for the gradual abolition of slavery. In the midst of a summer of Union battle losses, Lincoln decided to postpone issuing this document until he could speak from a position of strength following a significant military victory. Nevertheless, three days later, on July 25, he retained the preface in a public proclamation warning rebels to surrender and declaring his presidential authority to “seize and confiscate property of rebels.”

      On September 22, 1862, after the Union victory at Antietam, Lincoln issued a drastically rewritten preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, formally giving Confederates one hundred days to surrender before forfeiting their slaves. As the war continued, he issued the final Emancipation Proclamation on New Year’s Day. While the proclamations had limited immediate impact, they changed the moral tenor of the war to a battle for abolition. Each version represents Lincoln’s deliberations, amidst a fragile political and social climate, about the optimal method for enacting emancipation while also ending the war.


  2. Den says:

    An actual thinking Republican willing to change course as things changed,
    no Conservative dogma there.

    The current corporate controlled government has no use for change,
    only profit, leaving us in the lurch, we need to make change for the good.


  3. Den says:

    Well 2018 was bust! Could 2019 be worse? It is assured.

    Consider us all aboard a Pirate Ship commanded by a raving lunatic of a man, a man you didn’t want to cross. Setting no course he plunders on, looting, pillaging until his coffers and the coffers of his friends are bulging with cash. Brown people can be seen swimming alongside, the ones that make it on board are held in the bilge for processing.

    Latest Tweet: ARRRR! We loot, we pillage then we build a wall to keep would be looters out, ARRRRR! Liberals and smart people will be dispensed to Davey Jones’s Locker!
    By order of Captain Crook!


  4. David B. Benson says:

    Should be

    Censorous China


  5. David B. Benson says:

    Two degrees of frost and sunny.


  6. David B. Benson says:



  7. Den says:

    OK here’s the lowdown on the Buick. Pressure check on cold system-within parameters. Removal of the thermostat checked was found to be the culprit, it was stuck shut causing the engine to get hot, boil water then puke it out when the air expands, it forces the water out, like a capped pot boiling, it’s gonna blow. I refilled the system but still think something is clogging the heater core, no hot water in there, blows cool, I’m going to flush it out, stay tuned.

    Made a junkyard run and scored a badly needed trim piece and another radio to replace the toasted one, found a gear position indicator for the van too. Strapped it down on the bike and buzzed home, $35 poorer tho. I tell you what, that was one BIG-ASS Junkyard, hiked to back for the van part, 1/4 mile and back, literally hundreds of cars recycling in progress run by the biggest scrapper in town.


  8. °¿º Carol says:

    Rained all day. There was rain water everywhere when I got up and the two back deck steps were icy. Applied some salt for myself.

    Progress on the Buick. I like to hear your repair stories, Den.

    I liked the YouTube of the house that was trashed.


  9. °¿º Carol says:

    I finally watched the first 3 episodes on Netflix of “Designated Survivor.” My son has been after me to watch it. I’m hooked. It’s about a bomb going off during a presidential State of the Union, president and almost all of Congress and all the Justices wiped out. Not that I know if this is true, but a member of the cabinet has to stay away from things like the State of the Union in case something happened to everyone, that person would be the designated survivor, hence the new president.

    And I LOVE the guy, it’s like having Obama back and in light of the piece of shit we have now, quite refreshing to see no sign of a stupid man like Trump anywhere near the Oval Office.


  10. David B. Benson says:

    Downtown in the cold to US Bank for my credit card update, then to the Foundry, which was “early closing” right then despite my checking earlier. So back to the Black Cypress, who will take pity on me and feed me a sensible portion despite this being the $75 five course tasting menu night. At least I don’t have to go to the newly reopened downtown Subway.

    Turns out I’ll be having one of the tasting menu courses.


  11. jimhitchcock says:

    Happy New Year, scalawags.

    You too, ladies 😎


  12. Den says:

    Party like it’s 1975!!


  13. David B. Benson says:

    New Horizons cannot be hurried; 1000 bits/second is what you get.

    I am impressed, grateful and even humbled. Thank you, JPL. Thank you, NASA. Thank you, American taxpayers.


  14. David B. Benson says:

    The new year arrived to just a few illegal fireworks.


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