Skywatch Sunday

AURORAS IN CANADA AND THE USA: For the 3rd day in a row, Earth is inside a stream of high-speed solar wind, which is sparking intermitent G1-classgeomagnetic storms around the Arctic Circle. Last night in Churchill, Manotiba, “the entire sky turned green,” reports Alan Dyer, who says the storm was actually subsiding when he took this picture:

“There was rapid motion and rippling effects, with some nitrogen pinks along the bottom edge of the curtains,” he says.

The display was so intense, it spilled over into the USA. Just south of the Canadian border, Kevin Palmer photographed the geomagnetic glow from Saint Xavier, Montana:

“The aurora showed itself low on the northern horizon,” says Palmer. “The Bighorn River made a nice reflection.”

The stream of solar wind is flowing from a wide hole in the sun’s atmosphere–so wide that we may feel its emissions for another 24 to 48 hours. High-latitude sky watchers should remain alert for auroras this weekend.


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23 Responses to Skywatch Sunday

  1. °¿º Carol says:

    David Bernard Benson says:
    February 2, 2019 at 6:48 PM


    That’s how Trump spelled hamburgers when tweeting about the fast food he served to the Clemson students, who I guess played a sport, not sure. Football players?


  2. °¿º Carol says:

    Jill and I were going out for Margaritas, it’s been awhile, but she cancelled. Came down w/ a cold the other day, hoped she’d feel better today, but nope. I will survive. I have Hamberder Soup and wine.


  3. Micki says:

    Snowing here…accumulating, but I am hoping this is a transient event!


  4. Den says:

    Getting plenty of rain here, chilly too. Today’s morning talk shows; meh.


  5. Micki says:

    Still snowing here…though lightly.

    Temp: 21.7 F

    With wind, “feels like:” 16.2 F

    Oh, the joys of winter!


  6. °¿º Carol says:

    Snow is melting away. High of 40° here at the ranch. Took things out to the garage, felt so nice out there, like it was 60°.

    The snow is gone off all three decks including the back deck which is on the north side of the house. It still melted. But holy moly, I got the garage broom out and had to sweep the back deck. It was loaded with frozen bird poop. They like to grab a seed an sit on the rails, and apparently they like to drop a turd when they fly over the deck, lol. So, I swept it all off so I don’t track it into the house.


  7. °¿º Carol says:

    Hair cut at 11:00, then I’ll stop at the library on my way out of town, then I’ll head to Meijer and it’s about time. I’m out of all my salad makings, time to restock.


  8. David Bernard Benson says:

    Rain over here. Neuava Vallarta unexpectedly closed so at the Pizza Hut. 😦


  9. Micki says:

    Update…taking the headlines away from that governor, whatever the heck his name is… 😉

    Now, for the weather:

    19º F
    “Feels like” 12º F


  10. Den says:

    Super Bowl not so super, the commercials saved it somewhat.


  11. Den says:

    Post Super Bowl backlash:


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