FREYdae FuNNeez


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Always in search of interesting things to post. Armed with knowledge and dangerous with the ladies.
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16 Responses to FREYdae FuNNeez

  1. Den says:

    This weather ain’t no joke, more snow Sunday night, ugh.


  2. Micki says:

    Oh noes!

    I hope we don’t get more! It’s melting, but slowly.


  3. David B. Benson says:

    After trying a bit of the B Street sidewalk I went down to the road for secure footing up the B Street hill. Typical 17 minutes to the Hillside Cafe.


  4. Carol says:

    This is a test to see what posts.


  5. Carol says:

    The test failed, no post here at all. Ok, that was that.

    Pete and I went to the show this morning to see ‘Bumblebee.’ Then we went for lunch to Hooters! First time I’d ever been in a Hooters.

    Weather is holding, just cold an breezy but the snow is still creeping away. Don’t send any more snow this way, guys.


  6. David B. Benson says:

    Is Belarus going to join the Russian Federation?


  7. Carol says:

    All my post are here this morning. What the heck? Well, lets see if I can post this.


  8. Carol says:

    Ok, that’s fixed, now where is Den? Look how late it is, no Saturday post so I start to worry.


  9. Carol says:

    Testing, testing.


  10. Micki says:

    Oh…now I’m wondering, where’s Den?

    Maybe his internet connection is gerstucken
    due to a weather related outage?

    Hellooooooo Den!


  11. Micki says:

    Still out walking since my 3:18pm post.

    Sunny day, coolish, trails an absolute slushy mess.

    Just thought I would check back to see if Den had surfaced.

    We may get more snow …. soon!


  12. Den says:

    OK folks calm down, all is well, but complicated. First of all i have sold my place and am in the process of moving massive amounts of personal stuff. Unforeseen circumstances had me in the VA getting a regularly scheduled Pneumonia vaccine which has sent my body into a form or rigor mortise that has invaded my lymph glands in my groin and armpits locking me up, unable to move anything until it wears off, double ugh! Oh yea had to clean snow off the dish first thing this AM too, hurt like hell. Bed went to storage so I been sleeping on the floor which with this pain is about impossible to get in or out, it was awful. Now I’m staying with Laura while I seek out a RV so I can travel around and look for someplace warmer than this icebox. Still more to move, lots more, ugh.


  13. Den says:

    I did post a blog for today just now


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