Windy Sunday 2.0

THE SOLAR WIND CONTINUES TO BLOW: For the 3rd day in a row, Earth is inside a stream of solar wind flowing from a wide hole in the sun’s atmosphere. With wind speeds topping 500 km/s (1.1 million mph), polar geomagnetic unrest and Arctic auroras are likely on March 2nd. Aurora Alerts: SMS textemail.

Update: Automated webcams in Sweden’s Abisko National Park are seeing bright auroras right now:

“The green bands were visible right after sunset,” says Chad Blakley of Lights over Lapland. “The sky wasn’t even fully dark yet.”


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11 Responses to Windy Sunday 2.0

  1. David B. Benson says:

    Warmed 8 degrees to -10 °C. Sunny.


  2. Den says:

    Still raining weeks later. 😦


  3. Den says:

    Anybody know a carpenter that could throw an Ark together real quick?


  4. Carol says:

    David B. Benson says:
    March 2, 2019 at 9:20 AM

    Carol, a few days ago I left a couple of suggestions for you. Wondering if you read those?

    Hmm, a couple days ago? No, I don’t remember and I never miss any posts as far as I know.


  5. Carol says:

    I never could see the avatar, just a little, white box. Wouldn’t have bothered me if I could see it, I would have wanted to change it to something I would pick though.

    Got cold today, down to about 11° now. No snow though.

    Watched Michael Moore’s ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ a little while ago. Loved it, of course. He had a lot in it about Governor Snyder and the Flint water crisis. He also wasn’t very kind to Clinton and Obama but it wasn’t anything I didn’t already know about those guys. Carter remains my favorite president.

    Kids came over yesterday at different times, not together. Today I swept kitchen and john floor and vacuumed the place, shook the throw rugs and dusted the LR. Dishes, made salads, drove my movies to the library and tossed them in the drop box.


  6. David B. Benson says:

    Pushed my way up the hill to the Hillside Cafe in 16 minutes today. Not many here.


  7. Carol says:

    Switched my car/house insurance from Progressive to Auto Owners. Saved me $300 for this year and that made up for Progressive raising me $221 because of the deer smack. My daughter made me do it. She found a new agent, he got her a deal, she made me scan in my declaration pages to send to him, I did, and the rest is history. I wrote the check today and mailed it, that makes my saving’s account look pathetic. When the refund checks come in they’ll go into the savings to give it a good goose.

    Pete is going to send her his declaration pages, too, the whole family will end up with Auto Owners.

    Pete, Sara and Nick switched to my doctor awhile back, but no Jill. She loves her doctor but he’s getting old and when he retires she’ll sign up with our doctor, too. She worked in that building for a bit and knows the doctor. This family is sure sticking together, lol.

    In fact, our doctor lives on Pete’s road, not far from his place either.


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