CME Sunday

THE CMEs ARE COMING. MAYBE: Earth is about to be sideswiped by a pair of coronal mass ejections (CMEs). Maybe. The two solar storm clouds left the sun on March 8th when sunspot AR2734 erupted, producing a C1-class solar flare. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the blast:

This movie comes from SDO’s extreme ultraviolet telescope–hence the strangely beautiful colors.

The explosion and its ultraviolet afterglow lasted for more than an hour. Such long-duration flares are notorious for producing “solar tsunamis” and CMEs. Indeed, in the global movie, below, a shadowy shockwave may be seen billowing away from the blast site like a ripple in a giant pond. That wave hurled two faint coronal mass ejections (CMEs) into space.


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16 Responses to CME Sunday

  1. Micki says:

    I’m not buying this! Don’t believe it’s a good idea…don’t mess with salmon! Proponents can make all their “fishy” claims that’s it’s safe blah blah blah…nope!

    U.S. regulators on Friday gave the green light to salmon genetically modified to grow about twice as fast as normal, but the company behind it may face legal challenges before the fish can be sold domestically.

    The Food and Drug Administration said it lifted an alert that had prevented AquaBounty from importing its salmon eggs to its Indiana facility, where they would be grown before being sold as food. The agency noted the salmon has already undergone safety reviews, and that it lifted its alert because the fish would be subject to a new regulation that will require companies to disclose when a food is bioengineered.

    The move comes despite a pending lawsuit filed by a coalition of consumer, environmental and fishing groups that challenged the FDA’s approval of the fish.


    • David B. Benson says:

      So buy meat & potatoes; the results of a long line of animal & plant breeding, both.


      • Micki says:



      • Micki says:

        Not to be confrontational, but I believe the people who call the Pacific Northwest home, would disagree with your cavalier attitude. Your example is, frankly, ridiculous.

        Salmon have long been the symbol and lifeblood for Native Americans.

        Salmon play an important role in the ecosystem of the region, returning ocean nutrients to the rivers and streams where they were born, feeding wildlife and even the forests with their bodies.

        Salmon grown to get big as quickly as possible to “enrich” big business is not the answer.

        Salmon have shaped the lives of the people who have lived here since time immemorial.

        Cultures, intertribal interactions, fishing technologies, and very religions of PNW tribes are all impacted and influenced by salmon. Salmon have been an important part of the economies of the region for thousands of years, from the ancient Indian trade routes to modern commercial fishing.

        Salmon are sacred to the tribes of the PNW — the white man doesn’t give a rat’s ass…if they can make more money, even if it messes with spiritual and cultural identity (and the livelihoods), of the people who were here first, they don’t care. Salmon and the rivers, the other waters they use are part of tribes sense of place. They feel obliged to protect that place.

        As the corporatists continue to degrade those waters with their “aquaculture,” native fish populations decline — which will mean that elk, deer, roots, berries and medicines that sustain us them will decline, too.


        • David B. Benson says:

          The salmon in question are Atlantic salmon , as you would know if you had bothered to read the article. The Atlantic salmon are considered to be a different species than any of the different species here in the Pacific Northwest.

          Atlantic salmon are raised in pens principally in Norway and Chile, including now the islands of Antarctica. There are pens in the Pacific Northwest.

          But principally here in Washington state the salmon is hatchery raised. Very few hatch from spawning grounds anymore. Remember that as you turn on the lights.


  2. David B. Benson says:

    I sprang forward. Didn’t hurt.


  3. David B. Benson says:

    Excavating the thick ice underneath a whole ship at bone-chilling minus 50 °C?
    Valeria Sukova
    2019 Mar 07
    Siberian Times

    That’s an unusual job. Pixs of picks; videos too. I’m impressed that what appears to be a Stihl electric chainsaw, battery powered even, runs at those temperatures.


  4. Micki says:

    My lights are not off, nor even dimmed.

    The long-term vision of the Tribes is the restoration of wild salmon production, in their spawning grounds, to levels that will support fishing needs,


    • David B. Benson says:

      The hydroelectric dams greatly diminish the upstream movement of the salmon to spawn and also, it seems, the downstream migration of the fingerings. Of course Grand Coulee dam, without a fish ladder, exterpated the run of Big Junes. The Covillle tribes are attempting what amounts to Kokanee in Lake Roosevelt. The Northern Pikeminnow make that difficult; Fisheries is paying about $9 for each Northern Pikeminnow brought in. One person earned almost $80,000 last year catching Northern Pikeminnow.

      Anyway, there wouldn’t be enough salmon without the hatcheries.


      • David B. Benson says:

        The Northwest Power & Conservation Council news online has much of the information on preserving salmon and steelhead runs on the Columbia and Snake Rivers.


  5. David B. Benson says:

    Roads and trail cleared so standard 25 minutes to complete Old Post Office. Having a quail special today.


  6. Carol says:

    Windy again but most of the snow is gone except on the drive where the car packed the snow down when I rolled in and out of the garage. That is thick ice, but not as thick any longer and shrinking.

    Turned my XP computer on just now, was afraid to do that all day because of the wind. I need to get Bob’s battery backup removed and brought over to my XP. I don’t need my XP crashing when I’m working on a video, or other projects.


  7. Den says:

    Danger Fish:


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