Sauna Sunday

THE SOURCE OF AURORA BOREALIS: For thousands of years, Arctic sky watchers have marveled the Northern Lights and wondered, where do they come from? “After two decades of photographing auroras in the Lapland of Sweden, I may have finally found the answer,” says Peter Rosén of Kiruna, Sweden. “They appear to be coming from my sauna!” Here is the evidence from March 14th:

“Old folklore says it is due to the mirroring effect of schools of herring in the ocean (Norway), an Arctic fox moving its tail (Finland), spirits who play football with the skull of a walrus (Inuits) or the spirits of the dead people (the Sami in Sweden),” says Rosén. “What do you think?”

Not having access to Rosén’s sauna, NASA researchers have come up with a different explanation. It’s a little more complicated, but may be correct. Watch the movie, then read the summary below:

Solar wind buffets Earth’s magnetic field, loading magnetic field lines with electrified plasma and causing the field to quiver and vibrate with latent energy. Thus charged, Earth’s magnetosphere crackles with explosions. Magnetic lines of force cross, cancel, reconnect and—Bang! Magnetic energy is unleashed, with charged-particles flying off near the speed of light. These particles stream down toward Earth’s poles, igniting the Northern Lights.


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9 Responses to Sauna Sunday

  1. David B. Benson says:

    Power out. 😦


  2. David B. Benson says:

    On. 🙂


  3. Carol says:

    You have peacocks running around where you live, Den? Escaped from the San Diego Zoo, lol. Long trip but they had years to make it up your way.

    Today would have been Bob’s 80th birthday. Eighty sounds shocking yet when he died at 78 I knew he was only 2 years away from 80. Still, it’s sound shocking.

    Went out for Margaritas with Jill, Pete, Sara and Nicholas showed up, we had dinner together, and we toasted Bob.

    Pete’s stopped by their house and picked up the puppy and brought him over to Jill’s so Addy and Quincy could meet him. Someone had to keep holding the puppy because he’s so tiny and so young. The big boxers could hurt him. Addy, only a little over a year old herself, was the most intrigued. She wanted Hawken to play with her, alas…too young.


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