Frankenly Tuesday


Seven current and former US senators who called for the resignation of Al Franken in 2017 have said their actions were wrong.

The disgraced former Minnesota senator and ex-Saturday Night Live star resigned amid huge pressure, including from his own party, after he was accused by eight women of groping or forcibly trying to kiss them at the height of the #MeToo scandal.

More than a year and a half on, the Vermont senator Patrick Leahy, former North Dakota senator Heidi Heitkamp, Illinois senator Tammy Duckworth, Maine senator Angus King, Oregon senator Jeff Merkley, former Florida senator Bill Nelson and New Mexico senator Tom Udall all told the New Yorker they have regrets about the way the allegations were handled.

Leahy, who was first elected to the Senate 45 years ago, told the magazine that calling for Franken’s departure was “one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made”.

Heitkamp said: “If there’s one decision I’ve made that I would take back, it’s the decision to call for his resignation. It was made in the heat of the moment, without concern for exactly what this was.”

Duckworth said the Senate ethics committee “should have been allowed to move forward”.

In a tearful interview with the magazine, in which he said he has suffered from depression, the 68-year-old Franken said he “absolutely” regrets resigning and believes he should have appeared in front of an ethics committee hearing.

Franken said: “I’m angry at my colleagues who did this. I think they were just trying to get past one bad news cycle.”

Miranda Bryant @ THE GUARDIAN

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16 Responses to Frankenly Tuesday

  1. Micki says:

    Likely, the #MeToo movement will castigate Jane Mayer for her well-documented, well-sourced New Yorker article as a traitor to feminists, but in reading THE CASE OF AL FRANKEN it appears to me he got a bum rap. (as I thought when he initially resigned)

    Politics and bawdy humor on a USO tour are two different animals.

    Those Democratic Party senators rushed to judgement …they fell right into the trap baited by those who were out to take down Al.

    Worked like a charm.



  2. Micki says:

    Yup…here’s a paragraph in by Amanda Marcotte who writes that Jane Mayer gets it wrong…

    Mayer’s piece, meanwhile, is an example of how even the smartest people — perhaps especially the smartest people — can let their own wishes blinker them to ugly realities. It’s crushing to believe that Franken, who was widely regarded as a good guy, could have done what he was accused of doing. So thousands of otherwise smart people have put their powerful brains to work coming up with elaborate rationalizations to dismiss a story they don’t like in favor of one they do. Mayer’s story is a sad illustration that even those we think are immune to that trap can fall into it, if they like someone enough to excuse his inexcusable conduct.

    End of story?


  3. Den says:

    And rich boy AKA, Groper in Chief after molesting underage girls, peeping Tom at a Beauty Pageant, grabbing women by the groin and numerous other sexual transgressions, remains in the WH being defiantly supported by his minuscule-minded moron followers and the so-called Religious Righties, UGH!


  4. Den says:

    Trying 32 oz. sea salt water to relieve the enormous backup from Traumatic Constipation, hope it works, the nerve controlling colon behavior got pinched offline, maybe temporary, maybe permanent. Chiropractor helped a bit yesterday for some of the pain, back tomorrow to get re-loosened up. I don’t need this right now, invalid does not fit me well.


    • Micki says:

      Not to get too personal about your problems … but a friend of mine, who’s a nutritionist in the cardiology clinic at our local hospital, who takes VERY good care of herself, suffered from inexplicable, excruciating pain in her gastro area. At first, it was pooh-poohed … but I met her at the ER, to see what brought her to her knees, bent over in pain…(I’m her DPOA-HC — durable power of attorney for healthcare)

      Well, she had a sigmoid volvulus, requiring emergency surgery.

      Sigmoid volvulus is the most common form of volvulus of the gastrointestinal tract; it is responsible for 8% of all intestinal obstructions. Sigmoid volvulus is particularly common in elderly persons (she’s not “elderly” — early 60s). Patients present with abdominal pain, distention, and absolute constipation.


  5. Carol says:

    Thanks for posting the two wedding pictures, Den.

    Remind me to never mention good guys again.

    Did more pruning today, want to make sure to get as much out there for my tree people to grind up Monday as I can. It clouded up and drizzled after I was done, ok with me.

    Tomorrow I’ll be vegetating in front of the TV, watching Mueller. Thank goodness I have a DVR so I can pause the hearing if I want to leave the room, or just take a break. Can’t wait to see if he’s just another (R) with no integrity, or character. I’m sure he’ll disappoint me, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t.


  6. Carol says:

    So sorry you’re having a bad time of it, Den. 😦 Have to get the plumbing working properly.


  7. Den says:

    Success!! De-bloating complete for now.


  8. David B. Benson says:

    Just 28 minutes to the Black Cypress in the 32 °C heat. No live wildlife observed.


  9. David B. Benson says:

    Boris Johnson, last and worst PM of the UK.


  10. Den says:

    One should know their limitations:


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