Spy in the Sky Monday


The US Pentagon And DARPA Are Conducting Wide-Area Surveillance Tests Using Experimental High-Altitude Balloons Across 6 Midwestern States

Millions of Americans across the Midwest this summer are being subjected to surveillance from above as the Pentagon experiments with the use of surveillance radars attached to high-altitude balloons.

U.S. Southern Command commissioned the project for the stated purpose of creating a “persistence surveillance system” to deter drug traffickers and perceived “homeland security threats.”

Civil liberties advocates were distressed at the newly-reported project on Friday, which the Sierra Nevada Corporation obtained a license to begin on July 12 and end on September 1.

“The deployment of this kind of surveillance capability in the United States is incredibly alarming,” Mana Azarmi, policy counsel for the Center for Democracy and Technology, told Common Dreams. “Persistent government surveillance, such as that facilitated by this technology, raises many civil liberties concerns and should not be permitted in the absence of a warrant.”

Julia Conley @ COMMON DREAMS

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9 Responses to Spy in the Sky Monday

  1. Micki says:

    Republicans…. TOP TEN recipients of GUN MONEY FROM THE NRA:

    Public Citizen

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @Public_Citizen

    As America transforms into a killing field, here are the top recipients of campaign donations from the @NRA:

    Sen. Burr: $6.9M
    Sen. Blunt: $4.5M
    Sen. Tillis: $4.4M
    Sen. Gardner: $3.8M
    Sen. Rubio: $3.3M
    Sen. Ernst: $3.1M
    Sen. Portman: $3M
    Sen. Young: $2.8M
    Sen. Cassidy: $2.8M

    7:06 AM – 4 Aug 2019


  2. Carol says:

    I actually watched Trump read his written speech about the latest massacres. I KNEW he didn’t dare hand around and answer questions because he can’t control from dribbles from his brain and out his mouth. I bet his aides stressed that he NOT hang around and talk. I was hoping he wouldn’t abide by that. I wanted him to make a fool of himself as he usually does.


  3. Carol says:

    Allergist appointment at 3:00. We’re going in the Corvette, yay! As long as I can get out of the thing, that’s the car I want to go places in. Reminds me of my youth, when I was 19 and Bob and I owned a candy apple red Studebaker Avanti. That car turned heads everywhere, first because the glasspack muffler, second because it was odd and handsome. There weren’t a lot of Avanti’s on the road. It was 1963, most cars looked like boxes and had fins.


  4. David B. Benson says:

    Up to 34 °C here.

    Maybe Den can find a pix of an Avanti to post?


  5. Den says:

    Nice Hog:


  6. David B. Benson says:

    A pigeon on the station; assorted downtown birds. Took 30 minutes to the Foundry, which is chock-a-block full. So service is very slow and seems less competent than usual. But it has a nice place to sit outside in the heat of the evening.


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