Bridging the Gap Thursday


A slender carpet of slate hangs above a rocky ravine on the north coast of Cornwall, where azure waters lap at the entrance to Merlin’s Cave. It looks like the wizard has been up to his old tricks, conjuring a gossamer-thin bridge that effortlessly spans the chasm, reconnecting the mainland to the ancient ruins of Tintagel Castle for the first time in centuries.

The modern-day Merlins take the form of Laurent Ney, a Belgian architect and engineer, and William Matthews, lead designer under Renzo Piano of the Shard skyscraper in London. The pair teamed up to summon this £5m footbridge into being for English Heritage. “We had no magic spells to help us,” says Ney, whose firm has built around 100 bridges across the world, but none in such a challenging location. “It was the first time in my life that I had to design a bridge in a site that was totally inaccessible – and which was expected to disappear into the landscape.”

The rugged promontory provided the perfect place for the Cornish kings to build their fortified stronghold in the fifth and sixth centuries, when the headland was connected by a narrow isthmus that has since crumbled into the sea. The end-of-the-earth feeling also helped to fuel all the legends that have swirled around the site since the middle ages, when it was named as the place of King Arthur’s conception, prompting Richard Earl of Cornwall to build his castle there in the 13th century. This made it a tricky place to bring 50 tonnes of steel and 40,000 slate tiles – all of which had to be delivered by helicopter in five-tonne prefabricated chunks and assembled by a crane on a cable stretching right across the gulch.

Oliver Wainwright @ THE GUARDIAN

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8 Responses to Bridging the Gap Thursday

  1. Micki says:

    Well, here’s a story to start your day… 😦


  2. Carol says:

    I’m glad I won’t be tempted to cross that bridge since I won’t ever go to England.


  3. Carol says:

    The allergist didn’t check me for allergies, said it was the Lisinopril. He said if I’ve never had any allergies it would be odd to suddenly develop one, and when people of my age DO then they really look into that to see what’s what. Plus he said no food allergy would swell my tongue up. Two people on FB have already disputed that. One who suddenly because allergic to Kiwi, his tongue swelled up. My daughter-in-law’s dad had that happen to his tongue, too, and it wasn’t a blood pressure med. I’ll go with the allergist, he’s been at it for 30 years. Jill saw him that long ago when she needed an allergist.

    He said the ACE Inhibitor has a molecule, or created one that burrowed through my body, creating new pathways. I wish I could have recorded all he had to say because me telling it isn’t as interesting, or even accurate.

    He gave me an order for 3 different blood tests so he can try to figure me out. I meant to take that to Urgent Care in Mason this morning since I had a dentist appointment in Mason, but I felt more like having coffee and almonds. Oh, that’s because I still haven’t got my blood drawn per my regular doctor and I have to fast for that one. I may go in the morning and get it taken care of.

    I weeded today, the Prednisone has definitely worn off. I wanted to keep going but after I got the front bed done, which is a small one, I’d had enough. At least I got the project finished. Tomorrow, I’ll do around the bird feeders. The crab grass is HUGE around the patio stones.

    Walk time.


  4. Den says:

    My back is getting a wee bit better, Ibuprofen helps. It looks like I will be off to NV after all Jim. I found a nice cheap house in Lovelock, in contract now, closing around the end of the month.

    Finally, a house, my house, (and the banks), affordable on my measly income too. Did I mention it has a garage. Too bad I had to smash my back though, that really sucks, stupid ladders.


  5. Den says:

    Keep an eye on my breakfast, I’ll be right back:


  6. David B. Benson says:

    Downtown birds. Plenty of people at the Old Post Office, where I arrived after 29 minutes of stick walking.


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