One Taco Over the Line Thursday


A man died shortly after competing in a taco-eating contest at a minor league baseball game in California, authorities said Wednesday.

Dana Hutchings, 41, of Fresno, died Tuesday night shortly after arriving at a hospital, said Tony Botti, a Fresno sheriff spokesman.

An autopsy on Hutchings will be done Thursday to determine a cause of death, Botti said. It was not immediately known how many tacos the man had eaten or whether he had won the contest.

Paul Braverman, a spokesman for the Fresno Grizzlies, said in a statement that the team was “devastated to learn” of the fan’s death and that the team would “work closely with local authorities and provide any helpful information that is requested”.

Tuesday night’s competition came before Saturday’s World Taco Eating Championship, to be held at Fresno’s annual Taco Truck Throwdown. The team on Wednesday announced that it was canceling that contest.


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6 Responses to One Taco Over the Line Thursday

  1. Carol says:

    Hope I find out what that taco-wolfer died from. I often wonder about the hot dog races, do people ever die from stuffing themselves like they do in those contests?


  2. Carol says:

    The birds have been using the heck out of their bird bath. I fill it 3 times a day.

    Pete came over, we watched the S/F movie.

    I drove out to a farm for tomatoes, then all the way to Lansing to my pool store AND THEY WERE CLOSED! That was a LONG drive. The one time I didn’t call ahead to make sure they would be open, the one time!

    I googled them when I got home and that spot on the right side of the page where they post a map to a place and something about them and their hours, said they closed at 6:00. I was there around 2:15. It did NOT say what time they opened, or that they were closed. I set the trip meter from the farm and forgot to look at it when I got home, as usual. I bet it was around 50 miles.

    I can hear the catbird out front, mewing.

    It sure got chilly, I actually shut the two kitchen windows. It was 67 on my weather machine a little while ago. Fall is in the air.


  3. Micki says:

    It felt a tad “fallish” here today, too, even though the temps were in the 70s. I LOVE fall!

    I’ve often wondered why-in-the-world do organizations even promote “all you can eat” contests in the first place. What’s the point?


  4. Micki says:

    The argument that competitive eating can cause weight gain,[17] which may lead to obesity and elevated cholesterol and blood pressure, is common. The potential damage that competitive eating can cause to the human digestive system was the subject of a 2007 study by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. The study observed professional eater Tim Janus, who ate 36 hot dogs in 10 minutes before doctors intervened. It was concluded that through training, Janus’ stomach failed to have normal muscle contractions called peristalsis, a function which transfers food from the stomach down the digestive tract.[18]

    Other medical professionals contend that binge eating can cause stomach perforations in those with ulcers and gulping large quantities of water during training can lead to water intoxication, a condition which dilutes electrolytes in the blood.[19] Gastroparesis, also known as stomach paralysis, is also a concern among those who routinely stretch their stomachs beyond capacity. The condition may lead to the stomach’s inability to contract and lose its ability to empty itself. Side effects of gastroparesis include chronic indigestion, nausea and vomiting.[20]

    In October 2012, a 32-year-old man died while competitively eating live roaches and worms in a contest to win a ball python. An autopsy revealed he choked to death.[21]
    On July 4, 2014, a 47-year-old competitive eater similarly choked to death during a hot dog eating contest.[22]
    At a Sacred Heart University event on April 2, 2017, a 20-year-old female student died as a result of a pancake-eating contest.[23]
    On August 13th, 2019, a 41 year old man died after competing in an amateur taco eating competition at a Fresno Grizzlies baseball game.[24]


  5. David B. Benson says:

    Den, which vehicle are you using? Somehow I never learned.


  6. Den says:

    Wow what a effin day! Not a good day at all, 300 miles east of Reno my car AC quit working so I rolled down the windows in 100+ temps trying to stay cool, didn’t work. Then the car started rumbling and growling, I thought for sure the transmission was going too. Luckily I found a good mechanic that saw the AC compressor clutch had broken off completely leaving a piece to spin around and rattle like hell. He did some searching for a short belt that would replace the long one driving the AC and eliminate the spinning and rattling, it was at an auto parts store 20 more miles down the road, I bought it and swapped it with the old belt and VOILA! Fixed the racket, WHEW! Better than a bad tranny or AC compressor changeout, $19.95 for the belt. Ended up in Wendover NV and surrounded by Salt Flats racers at the Quality Inn, salt all over their trucks and the streets here. I am shot as hell from the days escapades, going to sleep soon, Friday Funneez ready to go.


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