Woodstock Saturday


Woodstock was a just few hours in my 60-plus-year-long career,” says Leo Lyons, the bassist for blues rock band Ten Years After, who performed on the final day of the festival in the summer of 1969. “But I suppose my epitaph will no doubt read: ‘Musician who played at Woodstock.’”

It’s a sentiment that’s widely shared by the countless characters who populated the three-day festival famously devoted to peace and love, from the half a million hippie spectators to the musicians, organizers and workers who all converged for not only one of the most important events in music, but American culture in general. It’s a renowned status that has gained new attention timed to the festival’s half-century anniversary with countless retrospectives, documentaries and anniversary events, whether happening or attempted. “The amount of press this anniversary is generating is beyond anything I’ve seen before,” notes Michael Lang, who co-created the 1969 festival along with Artie Kornfeld, John P Roberts and Joel Rosenman. “I think it gave everybody an example of how things could be.”


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9 Responses to Woodstock Saturday

  1. Den says:

    Well Friday was worse than Thursday on the road. First I was surrounded by semis (trucks) and missed the exit, went 100 miles the wrong way and back (200). Then in the middle of Idaho somewhere on I 15, a Sheriff was in the median with flashing lights so the crowd of lots of cars started slamming on their brakes. Well I slammed mine on too and slid into the car in front of me. BANG!! not much damage to their Explorer but my front end is crunched bad, FUCK!. I got sited for following too close $90 ticket. At least it didn’t break the radiator, it was driveable just had an ugly face. My own analysis revealed the rear brakes had not even applied! FUCK!, only skid marks were from the front tires. Something is screwy there too, first the AC now brakes. I can see this trip is SUCKING real bad and does not seem to be getting any better.

    Wish me luck today.


  2. Carol says:

    I had recorded a documentary about Woodstock, which I watched today. Then I saw today’s DWF is about Woodstock.

    Humid as bloody hell today! I have Jill’s two dogs over here for the night, took each one separately on their last walk of the evening and I was a bucket of sweat. Felt like I stuck my head in the pool.

    Jill left for Metro Airport this morning at 7:30 to fly to NC to visit a sick friend, Brian dropped her off then headed back to Virginia where he’s been working. I got a call from Jill around 2:00 p.m., the dog sitter had not shown up! I had to run over there and let them out, thankfully Q didn’t ‘have diarrhea in the house, which he had that morning when she let him out. No accidents from either of them.

    Jill said the sitter texted her, said she had been at the house but had an emergency or something and Jill caught her in a lie. She forgot to unplug the dog cam in her LR and she looked at it and the sitter had NOT shown up. The girl finally admitted she lied, so that was that. No way Jill would trust her two babies with a 19 year old liar.

    When the girl showed up, I told her she wouldn’t be needed. She quickly tried to explain what had happened, something about an apartment she was about to rent being broken into and everything stolen. Makes no sense, I must have misunderstood her story. That didn’t absolve her for not letting Jill know she couldn’t get over there to let her dogs out to potty. I hung around there, took them out for awhile, fed them their dinner, let them out again and eventually brought them home. I’ll keep them here overnight.

    Jill found a new dog sitter and I’ll meet her at Jill’s at 10:00 a.m. and give her instructions on the care of Jill’s dogs. There is a 3 page letter typed out with the rules on it, but me explaining things will help the new girl understand Jill’s letter.

    It is so damn HUMID!!! The past couple days have been perfect weather, now back to this shit.


  3. Micki says:

    I keep thanking my lucky stars that this summer (so far!!!), we haven’t had the horrible, smokey, unhealthy air of the last two summers, due to wild fires.

    Today was a pleasant 70º F Pacific Northwest summer’s joy!

    Carol, I’ll never fathom why people don’t realize telling the truth is so much easier than spinning those webs to deceive. I’ll bet Jill was beside herself…tending to an ill friend, then having to worry about the well-being of her pups!

    Carol to the rescue!!!

    I hope Den will have a better report for today’s travels! *fingers crossed*


  4. Den says:

    Travels today were uneventful. I’m in Bismarck ND, getting ready to bug out after I get some breakfast, last leg of a long arduous journey.

    Dickinson ND looks like Texas, oil well everywhere, must be hundreds along the highway. Teddy Roosevelt National Park looks like a cool place to visit if I had more time, real cool geologic formations can be seen from the road, they look like big stone cone shaped rocks with striations running across of different colors. Lots of RV’s and semi-trucks on the road.

    Well let me go post Sunday’s blog, thanks for the well wishes!


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