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Cave Dweller Saturday

Cocoons of glistening ice in Vatnajökull glacier, Iceland; geometric Fingal’s Cave in Scotland; echoey mouths of darkness in Mexico’s cenotes. All over the world, caves have inspired awe, as well as providing shelter. This week, a slightly lesser-known site, Margate … Continue reading

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FRIdaY fuhneez

  Trump Administration Poetry in Motion – Mark Fiore

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Totalitarianism Thursday

In April, after starting a new system of sending asylum seekers back to Mexico to wait for their US court dates, the Trump administration received a familiar piece of news: A judge in California was blocking the policy. It was … Continue reading

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Wired Wednesday

AGAINST THE BACKDROP of China, Russia, and Iran working to sequester their own private, national internets, other countries like Kazakhstan have experimented with similar balkanization and internet-control initiatives. Kazakhstan first piloted a monitoring system in 2015 that would offer access … Continue reading

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Standing Rock Tuesday

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is asking a judge to throw out a federal permit for the Dakota Access oil pipeline, arguing that the government shut the tribe out of a court-ordered second environmental review and ignored its concerns. The … Continue reading

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Meteoric Sunday

WHY ARE SO MANY METEORS GREEN? The Moon is not made of green cheese. Neither are meteors. But if that’s true, why are so many meteors green? During the recent Perseid meteor shower, sky watchers witnessed hundreds of green meteors. Take a … Continue reading

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Woodstock Saturday

Woodstock was a just few hours in my 60-plus-year-long career,” says Leo Lyons, the bassist for blues rock band Ten Years After, who performed on the final day of the festival in the summer of 1969. “But I suppose my … Continue reading

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