Conjunction Sunday

A TRIPLE CONJUNCTION IN THE SUNSET SKY: On Oct. 31st, the crescent Moon passed by Jupiter, creating a beautiful Halloween conjunction in the evening sky over Europe.  Most people noticed only the Moon and Jupiter. Peter Rosén of Stockholm, Sweden, noticed a third member of the conjunction: Ganymede.

“Ganymede is visible to the left of Jupiter,” says Rosén. “Coincidentally the 3 other Galilean satellites were in an extremely rare triple transit in front of Jupiter’s disc. Otherwise they would have been visible, too.”

Ganymede is a worthy addition to any conjunction. The giant moon of Jupiter is actually larger than the planet Mercury, and would dwarf our own Moon if the two were placed side by side. Did you miss the show? The Moon and Jupiter (and Ganymede) will meet up again on Nov. 28th. Mark your calendar!


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Always in search of interesting things to post. Armed with knowledge and dangerous with the ladies.
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17 Responses to Conjunction Sunday

  1. Carol says:

    I can’t believe you quit Prednisone cold turkey. I thought you knew you had to wean off of it, didn’t your doctor tell you that? He should have given you a script for one of those cards where you take so many pills the first day, so many the second day, etc. until you’re down to the lowest dose and they you’re done w/ Prednisone. Apparently, there is a reason for the weaning which I never understood, but I do now after hearing how you are after the cold turkey. We shouldn’t mess around with Prednisone.


    • Den says:

      Well most times Predisone is given in large doses 60MG a pop, if I took that much I wouldn’t need a car. Mine was 5mg twice daily. The docs at the VA knew my meds and only gave me Metropolol, BP meds, I figured they knew what they were doing right? WRONG! After recovering from the situational stupor, I started feeding them in again, two days later I burnt the bacon, under-cooked the eggs, and generally made a huge mess, but plowed through and cleaned it up. Next project; vacuum the LR rug and wash the comforter, the last time I swatted a fly on it a great cloud of dust did rise.


  2. Den says:

    Den has experienced the Dark Side and it is not pretty.


  3. David B. Benson says:

    Standard 15 minutes to the north door of the Hillside Cafe where I am the only person in this dining room.


  4. Den says:

    (In Indian that’s “Holy Cow!”) Unless the smoke is so thick you cannot see a cow then all bets are off, Holy *cough*, wish we could find a cow *cough* and cleaner air, *cough*

    I could not resist 🙄


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