Noisy Monday


Late last year Spotify presented me with my Top 100 most listened to tracks of 2018 and, as ever when I’m presented with some unknown version of myself, I couldn’t wait to analyse it. Like a dog returning to its vomit, nothing fascinates me more than my own alien excretions. I could spend the rest of my life contorting my brain to view tagged pictures of myself, attempting to understand how others see me. But there it was, above the other great heroes of my year, Leonard Cohen and Ariana Grande. In the number one spot was White Noise. Not just White Noise – “White Noise For Babies”. I had listened to nothing all year as much as I had listened to flat soundscapes designed to soothe infants.

I first came to white noise shortly after I moved to London from Dublin. I left Ireland in a hurry, with no good plans in place, no real reason to have come, and so lived for two years in a constant stressful flux. I worked temp jobs, I sub-let my bedroom, I relied on the generosity of my best friend to top up my Oyster card when I had nothing left. I felt flayed. London left nothing to the imagination.

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12 Responses to Noisy Monday

  1. Den says:

    Not much noise here, white or otherwise.


  2. David B. Benson says:

    Too quiet here; anechoic.


  3. Den says:

    I can hear my tinnitus.

    Fire here in town today took some historic buildings with it. 😦
    Spent the day finishing the front door frame up before the cold weather hits.


  4. David B. Benson says:

    Carol, your card JIT arrived. Thank you for the high flying!


  5. Micki says:

    I’ve mentioned here that Bill had congenital heart issues.

    HIs ruptured sinus of Valsalva aneurysm resulted in need for a mechanical aortic heart valve.

    The noise – the clicking — from that artificial value often seemed REALLY loud to him at times. I could hear it. There were times, lying in bed at night, when the valve clicking away seemed oddly soothing, but sometimes it drove Bill to distraction! He got a “white noise” sort of CD of nature sounds. That seemed to work. He NEVER took any sleep aids…meaning pills.

    One time, the kids were here, we all went out for a hike, except Bill. It was a very soft, heavily overcast, day. One of those days when sound seems to be cushioned. We returned and he was asleep with their dog…they were so peaceful, we ALL heard the valve clicking away.. It kinda creeped the kids out! They became acutely aware it was the sound of an “artificial” heart valve, that if it stopped…that was IT!


    • °¿º arol says:

      Wow, never knew something like that made noise that could be heard. That would be creepy to live with, or be around someone…like you said, if it stopped…


  6. ಠ¿ಠarol says:

    Ordered oil for my furnace this morning, they’ll bring it tomorrow.

    The recliner is working out nicely. Nice to have a soft chair to sit on, the old recliner was pretty hard compared to this new one.

    Melting going on today, sun shine and 42°.

    Eyes bad yesterday, it was very hard to read on-line, for instance reading along with what I typed. Today, that problem has cleared up somewhat, who knows why, but I’m grateful. I see the eye doctor Dec. 12th.


  7. David B. Benson says:



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