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Devin Nunes’ Imagined Worlds – Mark Fiore

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  1. Micki says:

    Oh, the cartoons! So very APT!


  2. Micki says:

    Is there such a thing as The. Perfect. Candidate….???? Not in reality! 😦

    In a video interaction posted on Twitter by Sunrise Thursday afternoon, Biden appears confused about Zichal’s connections to the natural gas industry, protesting that the adviser “worked for us in the administration.”

    “No, no, I know,” the Sunrise activist patiently explains as Biden grabs him by the shoulders. “But she also worked—”

    “If you look at my record,” Biden begins, “look at my record. Just look at my record.”

    The two discuss fracking as well. Biden tells the activist that “you can’t ban fracking right now” because “you gotta transition away from it.”

    “You’re gonna ban fracking all across America, right now, right?” Biden asks the Sunrise activist.

    “I would love to,” the activist replies.

    “I’d love to, too,” says Biden. “I’d love to make sure we can’t use any oil or gas, period. Now, now, is it possible?”

    “Yes,” replies the Sunrise activist.

    “Well, you oughta vote for someone else,” says Biden, releasing the young man and moving on.


  3. Micki says:

    Example of, “we’re all in this together….”


    SEATTLE British Columbia’s government announced Wednesday amid an international dispute that it will no longer allow timber sales in the Skagit River’s headwaters.

    The Seattle Times reports that the decision could intensify pressure over Canadian mining company Imperial Metals’ pending permit to start exploratory mining in the area, which conservationists see as a larger threat to the river’s ecology.

    Last year, loggers built roads and clear-cut large swaths of forest in the headwaters, which drain into the Skagit River and flow through Washington state to Puget Sound. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan wrote to B.C. officials with “grave concern” about water quality and environmental degradation.

    The Skagit is a top producer of salmon for Puget Sound and is home to endangered bull trout, and its waters churn hydropower dams to bring Seattle much of its electricity.

    After Durkan’s protests last summer, B.C. officials put future logging plans on hold.

    “Timber harvesting under this license has ended. No future licenses will be awarded,” Doug Donaldson, the minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development in British Columbia, said Wednesday.

    Controversy over the Skagit’s headwaters began in 1937, when the city of Seattle began constructing the Ross Dam on the river. The dam created a reservoir, Ross Lake, that stretches into Canada. For years, the city considered building the dam higher and expanding the reservoir farther into Canada, flooding some old-growth forestland.

    Environmentalists protested. B.C. and Seattle eventually came to an agreement in 1984 in which Seattle agreed not to raise the dam and the Canadians promised to provide cheap hydropower to Seattle through 2065.


  4. Micki says:

    Criminy, NYT! Give the guy a break…3 years at McKinsey doesn’t disqualify Mayor Pete as presidential material. Does it not occur to you, that he left McKinsey (as a very young man!) because he was more interested — and genuinely committed — to public service?


  5. Micki says:

    Second naval base shooting in just days…

    The indisputable fact that guns are a threat even in a secured location such as a naval base speaks volumes to how gun violence is deeply embedded into our daily lives.

    This is what a crumbling nation looks like.


  6. Micki says:

    Well…now I’m off to volunteer at the cardiology clinic…but I wanted to take one more peek to see if we’d heard from CAROL.

    I’ll be back later…


  7. ಠ¿ಠarol says:

    My dry macular degeneration has turned into wet macular degeneration. I should have called them weeks ago when Pete first told me to move my appointment up. My 20/20 left eye REALLY got bad. Turns out the wavy lines I’ve been seeing ever since being diagnosed with the dry will fill up with fluid if eye turns to wet MD.

    There is no cure but it’s treatable. The doctor is hoping I got there early enough to help my left eye. (I’m thinking I didn’t:( They did all their tests, including running a yellow dye thru a vein in my hand then quickly taking pictures of the inside of my eyes which drew a picture for the doctor of the big curve that has been blocking my vision because it’s filled with fluid.

    I will need an injection in each eye once a month for 3 months in a row, then he will test my eyes again to see if I need another monthly shot. I may need it, I may not, everything is unknown. The medicine in the injection is supposed to help remove the liquid blocking my vision, I guess. He said I won’t see a difference right away, and that was true yesterday morning, AND this morning, eyes the same, but as the days go by I’ll probably notice my right eye back to the way it was before my MD turned wet, the doctor said.

    They had to dump all kinds of shit in my eyes, like something to numb my eyes, beta dine to prevent infection and the doctor gave me a shot in each eye. THAT is something I feared, but it turned out to not be bad at all, THANK goodness. I made jokes when he told me I needed the injections, like how many people are you going to have to bring in here to hold me down.

    Jill said she was proud of me. Even though when I was first diagnosed with the wet, I started to tear up, I held myself together. I wasn’t so strong last night when home alone, I started to cry numerous times. I had asked the techie about that, what if I should cry, she said that was good, it would help keep my eyes stay moist, and to help flush all the shit out of them that she had dumped in.

    How do I go on in life? I’m scared I won’t be able to ever drive again. That would mean I’d have to depend on the kids to take me to Meijer’s, the bird seed store and the gas station and library. What about when I need gas for the mower, I’d have to wait for one of them to come over and take me to the gas station? I DON’T WANT TO HAVE TO WAIT FOR HELP WITH STUPID ERRANDS!

    So, today I washed and dried my hair, fuck the not driving, I got in the car and drove to Stockbridge, back roads where I would probably not see one car. I had two things waiting for me to pick up at the library. I gassed up the car and stopped at the post office and did my part to keep them in business by buying a roll stamps.

    None of my readers help be read. Now my life is my flashlight and a magnifying glass. I have this page as big as possible so I can type w/o holding the damn magnifying glass. Man, I sure hope the vision in my left eye improves. The doctor said it would take time. In the meantime, I’m adapting, which is what we all do when things go wrong with us. We have my next 3 appointments lined up for more shots. I hope by March my eyes will be even a little bit better than they are right now. Fortunately, distance is great, can almost believe my eyes are normal then. Looking at this page, reading articles today, ugh. THAT’S when I know how bad it is. Walking through the house is wonderful, making salads, washing dishes, wrapping presents, watching MSNBC, wathinc movies…all good. But most of my life is this damn computer, dammit.

    Sorry I took so long to get over here give you my diagnoses. You can imagine, my mood wasn’t the best.

    But I’m back, and I’m alive, and I’ll just have to live with this and…adapt.


  8. David B. Benson says:

    Day 5: 223+28=251 minutes.


  9. Den says:

    Yup, definitely need a large monitor or HDMI your computer into your tv.


  10. Den says:

    Try not to get too upset, we all have to compensate for aging.

    Doctor Den sez, Take two beers and a bowl and come back in the morning.


    • Micki says:

      That’s for sure! Adapting to the inevitable changes in the living, aging….dying….process.

      Carol, you’re obviously very adept at finding the silver linings, even if they aren’t immediately clear!

      Here I am at DWF, in the middle of the night, which is unusual for me because I ordinarily sleep like a baby.

      Yesterday was quite a day! I volunteered at the cardiology clinic, but went to see a neighbor who is in hospital. She was admitted through the ER. She’s a lung cancer patient…very severe damage to lung function capacity, severe osteoporosis, got pneumonia…and all that entails.

      BUT! Her husband has been diagnosed with dementia. He still drives. YIKES!!

      Anyway…I found out from the son, who was at the hospital that he had called his parents earlier this week to check in…he asks his dad, “How’s mom doing?” (A more or less routine inquiry.

      Dad, “She’s doing fine….” Son, “Great…can you put her on the phone?”

      Dad hollers for the mom. No response. Dad to son, “I’ll go upstairs and get her.”

      Comes back, “She’s not up there. I don’t know where she is!!!!!”

      Son, “What?!?!?!” BTW, he lives in Redmond, which is about 90 miles from Bellingham.

      Son calls the police. Police go to my neighbors. (I didn’t know this was going on)

      Police talk to the dad…he’s not helpful…police have hospital admissions checked….sure enough! SHE’S IN THE HOSPITAL!

      The dad had driven her there and FORGOT! After she was admitted to the hospital thru ER, he drove home.

      Now…the hospital is talking about moving her to a rehab facility! And, everyone is wondering what do we do about dad! They are ALL confused…mom says she’s not going to any facility unless he can go there too. (Well, that’s not easy!!!!)

      I suggested they get a palliative care consult team in RIGHT AWAY and figure this out.

      One sister flew in from Montana. Another one is arriving later today (Saturday).

      Mom, the neighbor, is not in the ICU but she’s on high flow oxygen, extremely anxious about her very difficult respiratory distress, that is worsened by the anxiety.

      I hope I just go to bed some night and don’t wake up!!!!!

      Well…I think I’ll go back to bed.


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