WTF? Sunday

A SPACE ROCK EXPLODES OVER PUERTO RICO: For the past two weeks, strong earthquakes have been shaking the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. Yesterday, Jan. 17th, the islanders felt an additional jolt–but this one came from the sky. “Amidst the earthquake swarm that we are currently experiencing here in Puerto Rico, we were also nearly impacted by a giant rock from space,” reports Frankie Lucena of Cabo Rojo PR. “The explosion is shown in this weather satellite image from GOES-16.”

This event gave Lucena a feeling of deja vu. “Last summer an even bigger space rock exploded near us,” he says. “On June 22, 2019, asteroid 2019 MO disintegrated south of the island. Here’s a comparison of the satellite images, then vs. now.”

Yesterday’s fireball produced a loud rumble, was visible in broad daylight, and understandably unsettled many Puerto Ricans already on pins and needles because of the quakes. The explosion may have produced meteorites. However, none of them appears to have landed on the island.


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10 Responses to WTF? Sunday

  1. Micki says:

    This is a great website…WSU professor…common errors in English usage


  2. Den says:

    WARNING! DWF is not an error-free site!


  3. David B. Benson says:

    Much clearer sidewalk today during the 15 minute stick walk to the north door of the Hillside Cafe. Very few here.


  4. ಠ¿ಠarol says:

    Missed my chance to shovel to the bird feeders. After the rain and cold temps, I could walk to the feeders on top the snow.

    Carolized Bob’s desk file drawer today, and one kitchen cupboard. Fooled around just enjoying myself most of the day.

    Now I better get serious and google computer monitors. I picked out one, but I should do some more digging. I want a quality one for these eyes of mine.


  5. Den says:

    Uh oh Foot odor!


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