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Don’t touch your face!


Are You Smarter Than a Grownup? – Mark Fiore

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16 Responses to FryDae FunEEz

  1. Den says:

    Not much funny out there. The MSM keeps pounding the virus drum daily, body count, body count! This disaster promulgated by a woeful under estimate by the trump cult has left us vulnerable to the virus and the cult somehow immune, why? How?


  2. Den says:

    The authoritarian idiot in the Phillipines wants to shoot anyone that would dare leave their homes. Authoritarian assholes are all the same, the self superiority demonstrates the need to remove all authoritarians from positions of power, including the ones here, ugly Americans in need of incarceration charged with greed and cruelty to fellow humans and wildlife.

    The trump cult needs to go before we cannot rid ourselves from their authorocratic rule.


  3. Carol says:

    I’m beating the bandwagon on FB now about republicans. They let him get away once, now they’re doing it again. No one is trying to stop the maniac. Not only will HE have thousands and thousands of people’s suffering and deaths on his hands, so will the republican party. Shame on them all.


  4. Carol says:

    Trump is giving the masks, and who knows what else, to the private sector and THEY are selling it to the states. Another crime against humanity!

    We should all be marching on Washington, except lucky him, we can’t leave our homes.


  5. ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶arol says:

    Started piling up sticks yesterday, today I hooked up the cart and picked them up and put them in piles up the drive for my tree people. Also rode around both days, over all the mole tunnels. They had a field day late fall and early spring. My son-in-law took my roller home, when I get it back, after the first heavy rain I’ll do all the lawns. Everything is lumpy after winter, need to iron it all out. Mowing the rest of the spring and summer helps tamp it all down, too.

    Oh, and Pete and Nicholas pulled up so I had someone to talk to! My long-lost son and grandson.

    Frozen pizza in the oven, glass of wine poured, buzzer on stove going off. 🙂


  6. David B Benson says:

    Partly cloudy, 22 pedestrians, one of whom was packing to leave, 2 skateboarders and 6 busses. On the way home took a slight detour to observe the neighborhood and so discovered two more older Subaru outbacks.

    Day 6: 157+39=196 minutes, despite my left big toe.


    • Carol says:

      Kind of looks like salamanders. I’ve seen two salamanders here on the ranch over 41 years. One about 6 inches long by the pool when I weeding, decades ago, and a few years back a small one about 3 inches on the garage patio. I took a bunch of pictures of the small one, but never took a picture of the big one.


    • David B Benson says:

      Port Macquarie has a Koala Hospital.



    • Den says:

      Just where did the original egg originate?

      Talk about a critter that needs to go on a diet….


  7. David B Benson says:
  8. Micki says:

    Even though Washington State appears to be doing well as far as new cases, the number of deaths per confirmed cases/per capita is higher than some other states.

    Maybe the deceased had multiple co-morbidities. The sickest of the sick.


  9. Den says:

    If I get the virus DWF will fail to exist.


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