Eat a Bug Saturday

Grasshoppers, Crickets and Giant Scorpions On the Menu To Celebrate 85th Anniversary Of Rentokil

BBQ mealworms and pigeon burgers on menu in UK

It is being billed as the long-awaited breakthrough moment in European gastronomy for mealworm burgers, locust aperitifs and cricket granola.

Within weeks the EU’s European Food Safety Authority is expected by the insect industry to endorse whole or ground mealworms, lesser mealworms, locusts, crickets and grasshoppers as being safe for human consumption.

The ruling is likely to lead to the final authorisation of their sale across the EU as a “novel food” by as soon as the autumn, opening up opportunities for mass production of a range of insect dishes to be sold across Europe for the first time.

“These have a good chance of being given the green light in the coming few weeks,” said Christophe Derrien, the secretary general of the industry organisation International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed.

Daniel Boffey @ THE GUARDIAN

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20 Responses to Eat a Bug Saturday

  1. Den says:

    Perilous times, a virus running wild, money-grubber @ the helm.

    He won’t wear a mask, I think a bag would be better.


    • °¿º arol says:

      I watched “San Andreas” again today. My first thought was boy, oh boy, the big one better not hit California now tomorrow!

      This is how movies go for me now. At the end of the earthquake destruction, the stars are standing there, wonder what’s next, looking at soldiers helping people. Dwayne Johnson said something like, there is FEMA, the Army Corp and all the power of our government to help us rebuild.

      Know what I said, “You’re sure lucky Trump isn’t president in your movie or he wouldn’t send FEMA and the rest. He would say he WOULD send it all when there was a need.


  2. David B Benson says:

    25 people, 2 dogs, 2 busses. 3 people moving out. Sunny anyway.

    Day 7: 196+33=229 minutes.


  3. David B Benson says:

    Will east Africa export locusts?


  4. David B Benson says:

    The proper location for the Capitol:

    That’ll larn ’em!


  5. Micki says:

    Read John Cassidy in The New Yorker…

    COVID-19 Delivers an Economic Shock Like No Other


  6. David B Benson says:

    The grocery store is completely out of toilet paper and down to the last 5 boxes of facial tissues. I took one even tho not my preferred brand. Lots of people with face masks.

    Oh yes, Starbucks appears to be regularly closing at 3 pm. What will people do?!


  7. David B Benson says:

    In case anyone asks:
    The White House oval office has 2 regular doors, 2 hidden doors and 2 window-doors.



    • °¿º arol says:

      In the movie “Olympus Has Fallen” there is a small safe behind a painting in the Oval Office where a SAT phone is hidden. The Secret Service/hero gets it out to talk to the law enforcement outside, telling them he’s in there and will attempt to save the president. Paraphrasing.


  8. Carol says:

    Yesterday afternoon I kept wiping my left eye. Vision was a tad distorted and since I had been yawning, kept wiping my eyes. As time went by I decided my left eye had a relapse, which means Monday I’ll be calling my LOEye and getting my butt in there for injections. I don’t want to go there! I don’t want Jill to have to take me there! But I can’t let my eyes ride out the pandemic. If I wait too long, the injections won’t help.

    Jill will take me and she will stay in the car. They don’t need any extra people in there. I’ll have my copay check made out, give it them and blindly find my way out to the parking lot. I could have them call her to come get me, but I’ll be able to see to walk up the stairs and out the door.

    My last injection was February 5th. 😦 I guess this will have to be done the rest of my life.


  9. Den says:

    Another generous donor:


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