Troubling Thursday


Deputy Postmaster General Ronald Stroman has reportedly been forced out of his position, throwing the leadership of the U.S. Postal Service into further chaos as the agency faces a potentially catastrophic financial crisis and efforts by Trump administration officials to impose draconian changes on the nation’s most popular government institution.

The American Prospect’s David Dayen reported Tuesday that Stroman resigned from his post earlier this week. “Sources indicate that Stroman was forced out,” Dayen tweeted.

Reports of Stroman’s ouster came less than a week after the USPS Board of Governors announced its selection of Louis DeJoy — a leading donor to the Republican Party and President Donald Trump — to serve as postmaster general as the agency continues to navigate the Covid-19 crisis, which has resulted in a precipitous decline in mail volume. Current USPS chief Megan Brennan, who is retiring effective June 15, has warned Congress that the agency could face financial ruin by the end of September without a rapid infusion of emergency funds.

Jake Johnson @ Common Dreams/TRUTHDIG

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12 Responses to Troubling Thursday

  1. Micki says:

    This current anti-USPS assault is part of the long-game strategy of the Fascist goons. The USPS is one of the best things this country has every done. The Republicans stopped playing fair a long time ago, but the Dems dithered (and DITHERED!).

    Sorry, folks, we can complain ’til the cows come home, but the Dems haven’t worked on behalf of the masses for a long, long time. Name ONE thing the Dems accomplished in recent times that has significantly (and continuously) benefitted ordinary people. The Repugs go for the whole enchilada — the Dems sell us out bit by bit wringing their hands like they give a s**t.

    The Repugs are masters at using a crisis to move their agenda forward to their advantage.


  2. Micki says:

    GOP political operatives are recruiting “extremely pro-Trump” doctors to go on TeeVee and radio to “prescribe” reopening the U.S. economy…pronto!

    CNP Action (Council for National Policy) cooked up this scheme. An epidemiology professor at Columbia said this is “quite alarming.”

    “I find it totally irresponsible to have physicians who are touting some information that’s not anchored in evidence and not anchored in science,” El-Sadr said (the Columbia professor). “What often creates confusion is the many voices that are out there, and many of those voices do have a political interest, which is the hugely dangerous situation we are at now.”

    A Trump campaign person said the campaign is not concerned about contradicting government experts.

    “Our job at the campaign is to reflect President Trump’s point of view,” he said. “We are his campaign. There is no difference between us and him.”

    Ya got that right! There is NO DIFFERENCE. You’re all a bunch of morons.


  3. Den says:

    Fascism trying to gain a foothold at Putins’ behest, fucking idiots, every time some group of morons decides Fascism is the answer, they better read about the previously FAILED attempts to bring it to fruition.There is no room in the USA for Fascist goons practicing idiocy, and a big ‘go fuck yourself’ is due.


  4. Micki says:

    Thus spake the most negatively charged *leader* in the world:

    President Trump on Thursday disclosed the results of his most recent coronavirus test, telling reporters he “tested positively toward negative.”

    “I tested very positively in another sense,”
    Trump said on the South Lawn before departing for Michigan to visit a Ford plant assembling ventilators. “So this morning, yeah, I tested positively toward negative, right? So no, I tested perfectly this morning. Meaning, meaning I tested negative. But that’s a way of saying it, positively toward the negative.”

    I’m absolutely positive, he may think he still has his marbles…but, I say, they are getting mighty loose!


  5. ò,óarol says:

    For god’s sake, FIX THE POST OFFICE ALREADY! Stop that foolishness of funding benefits way off into the future! Enough! It IS in the Constitution except all they use that for these days is to wipe their asses.


  6. Carol says:

    Finally, at long last, did a bunch of weeding today. Three fingers got poked with dead spruce needles, and I mean poked good. They hurt, but I’ll keep up the work out there and my hands will toughen up, as they always do. And no, I never wear gloves.

    The of and on twinges in my head are still with me but I still have my right eye, so I guess it’s another good day for me.


  7. David B Benson says:

    Worldometer: Washington state new cases up to 204. US total new cases up to about 28k.


  8. Den says:

    Hey! This place has BUGS!


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