Wacky Street Wednesday


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Hundreds of officials who worked for former Republican President George W. Bush are set to endorse Democratic White House hopeful Joe Biden, people involved in the effort said, the latest Republican-led group coming out to oppose the re-election of Donald Trump.

The officials, who include Cabinet secretaries and other senior people in the Bush administration, have formed a political action committee – 43 Alumni for Biden – to support the former vice president in his Nov. 3 race, three organizers of the group told Reuters. Bush was the country’s 43rd president.

The Super PAC will launch on Wednesday with a website and Facebook page, they said. It plans to release “testimonial videos” praising Biden from high-profile Republicans and will hold get-out-the-vote efforts in the most competitive states.

The group is the latest of a number of Republican organizations opposing Trump’s re-election, yet another sign that he has alienated some in his own party, most recently with his response to the coronavirus pandemic and nationwide protests over racial injustice and police brutality against Black Americans.

Tim Reid @ REUTERS

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11 Responses to Wacky Street Wednesday

  1. Den says:

    Well there we are, an hour late but here nevertheless.

    Doc, to answer your question, I ripped the plywood length wise in strips to use for the sides and top of the opening for the door. My walls are 8″ thick, the door is 4″ that difference had to be made up on the outside, the inside of the door was flush with the inside wall, just trim around that part.

    They are called extension jambs in carpenter speak.


  2. Den says:

    Sit back and enjoy the Nebular experience, July 1 2020


  3. Micki says:

    Is the Wild West making a comeback?

    Did y’all heard about the backlash from bar owners in Texas against Gov. Greg Abbott’s shutdown of bars in The Lone State State?

    They named their campaign “BAR LIVES MATTER”

    Maybe Trump is building his wall too far south?


  4. °¿º arol says:

    I don’t have a favorite beer, Doc. Although I kind of like it when there is orange squeezed into a glass of Blue Moon, or that one Jill brought me that had the taste of berries in it.


  5. °¿º arol says:

    Pete and I were out and about, went to my credit union and I got some cash out, got the bird seed at the bird seed store and got my pool chemicals. Going out in a few minutes and will dump two more gallons of chlorine into the pool.

    Jill brought over my groceries this morning, was going to be here at 9:30 and Pete wanted to see her, so he got here exactly at 9:30 but she had come early and had just left. They missed each other, but I got to see both of them. Would have liked it better if they were both here at the same time though.

    That’s about all I got right now, better get outside into that humidity you could cut with knife.


  6. Den says:

    Icky’s back in the fridge, nice change. CHEERS!


  7. Den says:

    A trump bot reacts to his hero losing in the polls.


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