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Truthout Tuesday

On April 28, the Trump administration took down the vast majority of the EPA’s Climate Change Website, including pages for: Basic Info, Causes of Climate Change, Future of Climate Change, Science, Impacts, Extreme Weather, Adapting, Reducing Emissions, What EPA is … Continue reading

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Steaming Pile Monday

Does Donald Trump have even an ounce of shame? As a presidential candidate, he spent much of the election campaign needling, critiquing, denouncing, and even threatening the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Yet as president, he is making his first foreign … Continue reading

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Sunday Brain Indigestion

A study in mice and humans suggests that bacteria in the gut can influence the structure of the brain’s blood vessels, and may be responsible for producing malformations that can lead to stroke or epilepsy. The research, published in Nature, … Continue reading

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Saturday Shithead Review

This weeks Shithead is Steve Mnuchin, ‘money boy with greedy tendencies’ Sen. Elizabeth Warren had a confounding exchange with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin at a Senate Banking Committee hearing today. Mnuchin indicated that the Trump administration supports a 21st century … Continue reading

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FReyeDAY FuNNeese

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Nazi Turds Thursday

A Long Island enclave established by Nazi sympathizers has to dramatically change the way it operates to end decades of discrimination against nonwhite people, according to a settlement announced today by the Attorney General’s Office. The German-American League was founded … Continue reading

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Trillion Dollar Wednesday

When Donald Trump wanted to “do something” about the use of chemical weapons on civilians in Syria, he had the US Navy lob 59 cruise missiles at a Syrian airfield (cost: $89 million). The strike was symbolic at best, as … Continue reading

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