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A Venus Kinda Sunday

HEAVENLY TRIANGLE: Last night, the Moon passed by Venus and the Pleiades, forming a heavenly triangle in the sunset sky. Marek Nikodem photographed the 3-way conjunction from the countryside near Szubin, Poland: “The planet Venus shone like the brightest diamond in … Continue reading

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Sickly Saturday

Dr. Anthony S Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and just about the only official in the Trump administration trusted to tell the truth about the coronavirus, said last Thursday: “The system does not, is … Continue reading

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FwryDAe FuHNeeZ

The Grand ‘ol Death Cult – Mark Fiore

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Depression Thursday

For the past year, economists and policy experts had been warning of a coming economic downturn. But the screeching halt the economy has experienced in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t that, says Mike Konczal, who studies financial reform … Continue reading

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Terminal Thursday

The trump Administration is pushing a deadly cocktail of lies and propaganda. This week on Intercepted: As the coronavirus rapidly spreads throughout the United States, major public health organizations are warning that New York could become the next Wuhan. While … Continue reading

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Wall Street Wednesday

The comments by Sergei Sobyanin, a close ally of Putin, were authorities’ strongest indication yet that they do not have a full grasp of how widely the virus has spread throughout Russia’s vast expanse. Russia has so far reported 495 … Continue reading

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Terminus Tuesday

Much remains uncertain about the new coronavirus. What treatments will prove effective against COVID-19? When will a vaccine for the disease be ready? What level of social distancing will be required to tame the outbreak, and how long will it … Continue reading

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