Caterwallerin Thursday


1aScientists in Sweden have launched a study to answer the pressing question of whether pet cats adopt their owner’s accent.

From recordings of animals across the country, the researchers hope to work out whether a miaow in Stockholm sounds the same as one south of the Swedish capital.

The work is part of a broader effort to understand feline communication and whether the animals respond differently depending on how they are spoken to.

Susanne Schötz, who studies phonetics at Lund University and owns three cats herself, said while cats used visual and vocal signals to communicate with humans, they needed to make sounds – miaows – to get our attention. But when a pet and a human have been together for a long time, the way they converse may become more complex.



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Always in search of interesting things to post. Armed with knowledge and dangerous with the ladies.
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5 Responses to Caterwallerin Thursday

  1. Den says:

    Important stuff huh. Better than the Donald anyway. Doing this at the tin place cuz I don’t have internets yet at the new place, tired shaky and sore, this moving crap is for the strong of back and weak of mind.

    Better get back to it then.

    Coffee in the corner and donuts on the side, dig in!


    • º¿carol says:

      Glad you found a friend that could help you out. Better than nothing, I guess.

      Jill’s Brian moved into her place Saturday. He’s working out of town this week so she’s trying to put everything away. She has a small house, but she said Brian doesn’t have that much, but he still has…stuff and it has to be put some place.


  2. º¿carol says:

    Had my first doctor appointment in years. I knew I’d leave with a script for blood pressure pills. They clocked me at 180/106, lol. The doctor said that was probably causing the fluttering in my chest. We’ll see if it goes away.

    I went to Urgent Care after and got blood drawn.

    THEN…doctor said I need the vaccine for shingles, need tetanus and a pneumonia shot. He also said Medicare won’t pay for vaccines, have to get those shots when you still have employer health insurance. A shingles shot is $200.

    We have Blue Care Advantage in addition to the Medicare. Medicare doesn’t seem to pay for anything, BCA pays for everything. Bob called them and they said they cover those immunizations but strongly suggested I get the shots at a drug store, and not a doctor’s office. Some story that doctor’s offices mess up, use a wrong code and then it’s a mess to unwind. Something like that.

    When I went into Stockbridge to pick up the blood pressure pills I asked them about the vaccines, they had all of them on hand, so what the heck. “Stick me.” Shingles was a $40 copay, DPT was a $40 copay and the pneumonia shot was free. WOO HOO.

    I may not make it through the night. Three injections, the loss of 4 vials of blood and a blood pressure pill. Quite a cocktail. Healthy me will probably have no trouble, *knock-on-wood*.

    Next: colonoscopy, mammogram and bone density test. Can’t wait to see my blood test though. Sure hope nothing shows up, like diabetes. Would hate to give up my ice cream.

    (also…I gained 10 pounds…shhhhh

    p.s. I told the pharmacist to stick the tetanus in my left arm in case it ends up hurting like hell like every other tetanus shot has. What’s happening? The shot in my right shoulder is starting to hurt. Uh, oh.


  3. David B. Benson says:

    Eating lots of lettuce keeps bp down. Maybe one bp pill a week.


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