Manic Monday


For those of us who believe in core progressive American values – multiculturalism, civil liberty and civil rights, free speech, a free press, truth in government, economic fairness, environmental protection, inclusiveness, equal justice, a humane society, the list goes on – today marks the first day of a disaster on a scale that until a few months ago was beyond our imagination.

The White House is now in the hands of a pathological liar and megalomaniac, a mutation spawned of our celebrity culture, a thin-skinned authoritarian whose only real constituent is himself, and whose intentions, to the extent we can discern them, are to destroy a lot of the things that make this country (truly) great.

Plus he has no idea what he’s doing. He’s slowly collecting corrupt and venal misfits who hate government and thrusting them into positions of power, with the sickly acquiescence of a self-serving Republican leadership that until recently saw him as a madman. But even they don’t know what they’re saying yes to.

No matter what you may hear in the coming days from the mainstream press and other elite institutions, this is not normal. This is aberrational. This is crazy.

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10 Responses to Manic Monday

  1. Den says:

    Illness is not improving, weakness and pain increasing, of course it snowed requiring I climb up the ladder to brush the snow off the satellite dish for the teevee, a most painful experience.

    I somehow ended up with the nurse from hell at the VA telling me Friday to go to the ER, on an effin Friday! so I could sit around all weekend waiting for Monday and the right doctor. UGH!

    So now I am facing the same shit today and will have to go to ER and get checked out.

    This illness is Thyroid I believe, all the symptoms check out for Hypothyroidism which is linked to the use of Prednisone which affects the Endocrine system.

    I am fed up with sickness.


    • David B. Benson says:

      I hear you.


    • º¿carol says:

      Damn, Den. You sure were dealt a bad hand in this game of life. 😦

      I’ve no advice that you wouldn’t already know of, plus you have doctors. My thoughts are food though. Many years ago a friend claimed he had arthritis and he started eating nothing but salads and he claimed his pain went away. I’ve no idea how bad his arthritis was, or if he even had it. We were all a LOT younger than we are now and we haven’t seen him in years. I’ve no idea how he is today.

      Then there’s this. Back in maybe 2000, Bob’s back was killing him. At work, if he was on his feet, he leaned on the desk, a table, a whatever. I was reading the book “Miracle Cures” at the time and fish oil was suggested for the pain, lots of it. Ten to 15 capsules a day. I started packing 11 of them for work, and Bob ate them every day. Eventually he didn’t have to lean on a desk anymore. His pain is back with a vengeance now and Norco is his pain killer. With all his problems I don’t think it would be wise for him to take the fish oil. I’ve read it causes bleeding. The skin on his arms is thin enough and bruise and bleed with the slightest bump.


  2. David B. Benson says:

    Paul Krugman is downbeat today.


  3. David B. Benson says:

    Foggy now.


  4. º¿carol says:

    Your post today is right up my alley, I’m depressed enough to have written the damn thing.

    Trump is busily signing those stinkin’ “executive orders.” I guess that’s how laws will be passed from now on. Congress might as well fold up and go home.

    I can’t wait until he fucks up our internet. 😦


  5. Den says:

    Well shit! I went to the local ER as recommended by the local VA, what a damn waste of time! They would not listen to me at all (3 different people) they determined in their infinite wisdom that me quitting the Methotrexate was causing my issues even though I told them I stopped way after the issue arrived. I HATE FUCKING STUPID PEOPLE! THIS PLACE IS PACKED WITH THEM! No blood tests, no physical exam other than a breathing check and blood pressure, useless fux! So they picked their easiest way out and I went home, useless waste of gas, grrrrrr!

    Never mind I cannot brush my teeth without using both hands, never mind not being able to wipe my ass, never mind not being able to remove the cap on a water bottle, go home and deal with it, ASSHOLES!


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