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Missing Tree Monday

Pictures taken by a Reuters photographer appeared to show that a tree planted at the White House this week by Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron has vanished. The tree, an oak sapling from the site of a pivotal first world … Continue reading

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Haloey Sunday

ODD-RADIUS SUN HALOS: Many sky watchers have witnessed a halo around the sun–a single ring of light that surrounds the solar disk at a radius of 22 degrees. The phenomenon is caused by pencil-shaped ice crystals in cirrus clouds that bend sunlight. … Continue reading

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Stolen Succulents Saturday

In China, they are prized for their chubby limbs and cute shapes. In Korea, they are a treasured hobby for housewives. But on the coastal cliffs of California, the dudleya succulent plants are vanishing, snatched up by international smugglers and … Continue reading

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FRYday funEEz

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Planetary Size Smell from Uranus

Uranus stinks and there’s scientific proof. Researchers confirmed Monday the seventh planet from the sun has an upper atmosphere full of one of the smelliest chemicals known to humans, hydrogen sulfide, according to study published by Nature Astronomy. The odorous … Continue reading

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Oligarch Wednesday

U.S. senators are pressing many of the world’s largest financial institutions to disclose any links between their companies and wealthy Russians allied with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to a letter released on Tuesday. Two Democratic senators, Jeanne Shaheen and … Continue reading

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Tumbleweed Terror Tuesday

They struck Victorville with little warning, rolling and tumbling up streets, barrelling past cars, virtually burying homes and prompting calls to 911 about a mass invasion. No, not Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, but the tumbleweeds that took over the … Continue reading

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